Watch: A robot walks the runway for the first time at London Fashion Week

Business Insider SA
  • A robot modeled couture designs at London Fashion Week for the first time.
  • The debut was a collaboration between a robotics company and designer, Honee Persona.
  • The company deemed it a great example of how robotics can expand into new fields.

London Fashion Week runway went cyberpunk when a robot was rolled down the runway as part of a collaboration between Silicon Valley's OhmniLabs Robotics Company and Los Angeles-based designer Honee Persona.

The robot was covered in crystals.

A robot taking to the catwalk at London Fashion Week. (Ruptly)

"I want to bring an awareness that AI, as wonderful as technology is, it can never replace human beings. We have the energy. We are the creator," said Persona.

Designer, Honee Persona (left) standing beside the robot (middle). (Ruptly)

Omnilabs' spokesperson, Dhana Pawar said the event was a great showcase, adding to uses such as senior care, healthcare, education, the uses for robots that people already love.

The robo-model. (Rubtly)

"This is a great example of how we can expand robotics into fashion as well," said Pawar.

Not everyone was impressed, with one attendee saying the robot had looked like "an iPad on a stand".

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