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Watch: These are the best robot painters in the world

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 Jul 24, 2018, 10:00 AM
  • Winners of the third robot art competition have been announced.
  • The competition saw teams showcasing their robots' abilities and creating artworks.
  • The winner, a robot called CloudPainter, walked away with over R500,000.

The third robot art competition, this year worth R1.3 million ($100,000, saw 19 global teams submit over 100 robot-created artworks – and some of it isn't bad.

A robot painting. (Cover Video)

Winners were determined based on a combination of public voting, expert judging, and how well the team met the spirit of the competition. 

Robots had to create something beautiful using a physical brush, and had to share what they learned with others.

The 2018 first place winner, who gets R540,000 ($40,000), was the CloudPainter robot

The work of Cloudpainter, winner of the 2018 robot art prize. (Cover Media)

In second place, winning R337,650 ($25,000), was Columbia University, with paintings including a portrait of Muhammad Ali. 

A close-up of the Muhammad Ali portrait, painted by Columbia University's robot. (Cover Media)

The competition is organised by Mechanical Engineer, Andrew Conru.

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