China is home to more than 10% of the world's billionaires — and a whopping 94% of them are self-made, according to a new report from Wealth-X.

Over the last several years, China's billionaire population has grown rapidly thanks to robust developments in tech, retail, and real estate. The average Chinese billionaire has a net worth of $2.7 billion (R31.7 billion). 

But since so many Chinese billionaires are relatively new to the 10-figure club, according to Wealth-X, "most are still in the wealth-creation rather than the wealth-preservation stage," and have far less liquid cash than their American and European counterparts.

Below, meet the 10 richest Chinese billionaires, whose fortunes range from $14 billion (R164 billion) to over $41 billion (R481 billion). 

Jiehe Yan

Net worth: $14.1 billion (R165 billion) 

Company: Founder, China Pacific Construction Group

Industry: Construction

Zhidong Zhang

Net worth: $15 billion (R176 billion) 

Company: Advisor, Tencent Holdings 

Industry: Media/Entertainment 

Jun Lei

Net worth: $15.1 billion (R177 billion) 

Company: Chairman, Xiaomi 

Industry: Electronics 

Hejun Li

Net worth: $15.5 billion (R182 billion) 

Company: Chairman, Hanergy Holding Group 

Industry: Clean energy


Lei (William) Ding

Net worth: $17.2 billion (R201 billion) 

Company: CEO, NetEase

Industry: Internet


Jianlin Wang

Net worth: $18.1 billion (R212 billion) 

Company: Chairman, Dalian Wanda Group

Industry: Commercial property

Huiyan Yang

Net worth: $20.7 billion (R243 billion) 

Company: Vice Chairman, Country Garden Holdings

Industry: Real estate


Ka Yan Hui

Net worth: $27.5 billion (R323 billion) 

Company: Chairman, Evergrande Real Estate Group

Industry: Real estate


Jack Ma

Net worth: $40.2 billion (R472 billion) 

Company: Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group 

Industry: E-commerce


Huateng Ma

Nearly all of them are self-made. (Pictured: Jack Ma and Wang Jianlin).

Net worth: $41.8 billion (R419 billion) 

Company: Chairman, Tencent Holdings

Industry: Media/Entertainment

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