Our smartphones enhance our lives in so many ways, that it’s very difficult to imagine our existence without them. One of the most useful features of our mobile devices is the convenience of having a camera with us at all times. We can chronicle every moment of our day, from silly selfies to special time spent with family and friends to spectacular sunrises.

But the convenience of having a smartphone camera as our constant companion can sometimes be outweighed by the poor quality of the pictures they take. Blurred and dark images with little contrast and minimal detail are not the kinds of memories we want to put in picture frames.

Even amateur photographers can take professional pics

Enter the Huawei P30 series, which enables you to take professional images without the need for costly and cumbersome equipment or having to know about the intricacies of photography. The Huawei P30 Pro is equipped with the Leica Quad Camera System, which consists of a 40MP primary camera with a Huawei SuperSpectrum Sensor, a 20MP ultra-wide angle camera, an 8MP telephoto camera fitted with a SuperZoom Lens and a Huawei ToF Camera. 

The P30 Series recently won the TIPA award as one of the Best Products of 2019, awarding the P30 Pro the “Best Photo Smartphone”

For the third year in a row, this prestigious title has been awarded to a HUAWEI P Series flagship, proving Huawei’s dedication to constantly improving quality, performance and design to change the world of mobile photography. 

These four cameras all focus on different areas of photography and work together to get you the best shots in every situation.

Super sensitive

Photography has often been described as “the art of light”, as it is primarily the manipulation of light that determines what the final image looks like. But in order to make this art as beautiful as possible, you need science. Breaking away from the conventional, Huawei employs a new sensor technology with an innovative filter to create a revolutionary camera system. Even with the faintest glimmer of light, the Huawei SuperSpectrum Sensor can work its magic to produce a bright image.

Zoom, zoom

With the Huawei P30 Pro’s SuperZoom Lens you can capture beautiful scenery in the distance and bring remote objects into view, no matter how far away. This smartphone camera supports a 5x optical zoom, a 10x hybrid zoom and a 50x digital zoom, the latter being five times more zoom than Samsung and Apple’s latest smartphones.

Huawei also mimimises the common ‘camera shakes’ that come with zoomed images by adding OIS support to the SuperZoom lens on the Huawei P30 Pro, making handheld shots more stable than ever. 

From micro to macro

New to the Huawei P Series is an ultra-wide angle lens, which has a unique ability to add a feeling of spaciousness to photos and videos. Believe it or not, this marvel also acts like a microscope, as it can take pictures of objects as close as 2.5 cm away. From breathtaking scenery and architectural wonders to a venture into the microscopic world—this is the lens that does it all.

AI at your service

Of course, it takes more than light and shadows to produce perfect photos and videos; powerful cognitive power is also required. The moment the shutter of your Huawei P30 devices is fired, a series of complex processes– including smart scene detection, facial tracking and image stabilisation – take place concurrently to produce a final image. The Huawei P30 devices are equipped with Kirin 980, a mobile AI chipset. This chipset features a Dual-NPU, which supports 120 percent greater image recognition than their P20 Pro predecessors.

Every feature of the Huawei P30 series – from the Leica Quad Camera and large image sensor, to AI-powered enhancements – enable users to push the envelope of smartphone photography. Huawei is unleashing a mobile photography revolution; with a Huawei device in hand, anyone can capture professional quality images and share them with the world, effortlessly.

This post and content is written, provided and sponsored by Huawei.