Cash Crusaders
Cash Crusaders.
  • Reseller of second-hand goods is taking a strong stance against looted goods and wants you to report on its website.
  • The retailer has said it will request a sale receipt or proof of ownership before accepting second-hand goods.
  • About 200 shopping complexes and 160 malls have been affected - fridges, laptops, and TVs, among other items, have been recovered by the police.
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Cash Crusaders is asking people to report goods that were stolen during the recent KwaZulu-Natal/Gauteng unrest on its website, as it joins the fight to combat the reselling of looted merchandise.

The second-hand reseller and new goods retailer said customers wishing to resell goods may be asked to produce original sales receipt documents proving ownership of the goods.

"We are committed to working tirelessly with SAPS to prevent the circulation of buying and selling of stolen or looted goods. #CombatStolenGoods," it said in a Twitter post.

"Due to recent unrest events and the looting of some of our stores, we will NOT exchange or refund any new items without an original sales slip," it said in a separate post.

Last week's unrest caused a wave of destruction in KwaZulu-Natal and some parts of Gauteng - at least 200 shopping centres were looted and plundered. In addition, 161 malls, eight factories, and 11 warehouses were extensively damaged, according to data compiled by the South African Property Owners Association.  

The South African Police Service (SAPS) had identified more than 3,400 suspects arrested on various charges by the weekend, and about 1,700 have been detained in prisons.

The unrest has resulted in more than 270 deaths reported across KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, with the latter reporting 42 deaths.

Security forces involved in recovery operations warned against buying stolen property from looters and said any individual purchasing or found in possession of looted merchandise would face arrest.

Police have managed to recover goods including bed mattresses, television sets, couches, fridges, sound systems, computer screens, laptops, steel frames, groceries, and clothing.

Here's how to report looted goods to Cash Crusaders:

By filling in the following form on its website, you can submit your personal details, a description of the stolen item/s, where and when it was stolen, as well as upload a photo of it.

Cash Crusaders.
Cash Crusaders.

Once the form is submitted, the retailer will alert surrounding stores to look out for and report any similar items.

"We are proactively involved in assisting the police to develop laws that govern the second-hand goods industry and protect consumers," it writes on its website.

Its stores are open to conduct full inspections and have a waiting period of seven days before it lists resale products. 

(Compiled by Ntando Thukwana)

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