A footwear legend. (Getty)

  • Post Malone, a probably cursed rapper, has collaborated with Crocs.
  • His creation sold out in less than a day.
  • People think it's just the most 2018 thing.
  • A few lucky shoppers got the shoes before they sold out.
  • Others weren't so lucky.

You know Post Malone, a rapper who is probably cursed from touching the shoulder of a person who once touched a dybbuk box. Now, Posty, as he is known to fans, has delved into the realm of footwear with a Crocs collaboration.

The $60 (R870) Dimitri Clog, sold out in less than a day. The shoe, a classic Croc clog, featured Malone's "Stay Away" tattoo pin and a "devil face pattern," per High Snobiety. In an Instagram post, Malone assured fans who missed out that there would be "future releases" to come.

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Online, people have a lot of thoughts about the shoes.

Some people think this whole situation just typifies 2018.

Others think it's very on brand for the musician.

A few people said the prospect of the shoes made them excited.

Not everyone was sure.

Nimble-fingered shoppers said they were glad to have purchased the shoes before they sold out.

But not everyone was so lucky.

Post Malone, he really did that.

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