Princess Diana (Photo: Getty/Gallo Images)
Princess Diana
  • Prince William underwent teasing at school when he was 14 after topless photos were released of his mother Princess Diana in the tabloids in 1996, according to a new book from Vogue publisher Nicholas Coleridge.
  • Coleridge recalled a lunch conversation where Diana told him about the teasing, saying that it was specifically over the size of her breasts.
  • Diana, who died after a chase with paparazzi, had apparently tipped off photographers about her lunch with Coleridge, and paparazzi swarmed her as she was leaving.
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Prince William suffered from merciless teasing in school after topless photos of Princess Diana were published in 1996, according to a new memoir from Vogue publisher Nicholas Coleridge.

According to "The Glossy Years," previewed by The Daily Mail and The Times, William, then 14, called Diana from his exclusive boarding school Eton College and told her that he was being teased over the "size of her breasts".

In The Daily Mail, Coleridge recalled the lunch conversation he had with Diana where she revealed the detail.

Diana reportedly said, "William rang me from Eton. Poor boy, he's only 14. He was upset. He said some of the other boys were teasing him, saying my t--- are too small," before asking Coleridge his opinion on the matter.

Coleridge recalls, "I became breathless, and went as red as a guardsman's tunic."

Diana's treatment by tabloids and photographers at the time has become a source of much discussion and now, condemnation, following her death, which partially resulted from a high-speed chase between her driver and the paparazzi.

Despite this, Coleridge recalled that sometimes Diana would invite the attention.

After their 1996 lunch, paparazzi had stationed themselves outside the restaurant, and Coleridge says he called a friend at a newspaper to find out how they learned about their location.

He reportedly said, "I just spoke to our picture desk, Diana rang herself from her car, on the way to lunch. She often tips them off about where she'll be."

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