• "Black South African" was the top searched term on Pornhub in South Africa in 2018.
  • "Afrikaans" was the eight most searched term – and "white South African" tenth.
  • South Africa also had the second most women consuming pornography on the site compared to the rest of the world.

"Black South African" remained the top search term used by South Africans on Pornhub in 2018 – but "Afrikaans" moved up 65 places to be the eight most-searched term in the country.

The search term “Afrikaans” grew by a total of 1,391% since 2017 to reach that position.

Pornhub’s “2018 year in review”, released on Thursday, showed that South Africans are 112% more likely to view the "ebony" category - the second most searched term on Pornhub in South Africa - compared to the rest of the world.

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South Africa is the twentieth largest consumer of Pornhub, after Russia, Argentina and Sweden.

"Black" was the third most searched term in the country, "cheerleader" fourth, and "South African" fifth.

"Cape Town" moved up 64 places compared to 2017 to occupy the ninth most searched term on Pornhub in South Africa, and "white South Africa" 122 places to occupy the tenth spot.

Pornhub, with over 33.5 billion visits globally in 2018, said Sunday was most popular day for people to visit Pornhub, while Fridays tended to have the lowest traffic.

Porn consumption typically peaked from 22:00 to midnight, but viewings shifted later over weekends.

Pornhub found that, among its top twenty countries, South Africa tied second with Brazil for the highest number of women visiting the platform when compared to the total population

Filipinos, who also stay the longest on Pornhub per session, had the highest rate of women users of any country, at 38%.

The average worldwide Pornhub user is now 35.5 years old, the platform said.

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