Susie Moore is a NYC-based life coach and entrepreneur.
Susie Moore
  • Now is a good time to reconsider what you want out of your work life, according to NYC-based life coach Susie Moore.
  • One great way to figure out your next step is to start listening to a career-oriented podcast.
  • Here are her suggestions, including "Lead to Win" by bestselling author Michael Hyatt or "The Influencer Podcast" by entrepreneur Julie Solomon.
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Whether it's because of a job layoff, a furlough, or just having a little more time to think about your future. Now, more people have a few extra minutes, or hours, in the day to think about their careers.

One great way to figure out your next career move is to listen to a podcast on success, personal branding, or entrepreneurship, said Susie Moore, a New York-based life coach, author, and writer.

She has a few podcasts she suggests for people contemplating a career change, or just simply looking for inspiration.

Here are five podcasts the life coach recommends listening to right now.

"Lead to Win"

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt, an entrepreneur and bestselling author of the book "Living Forward," hosts a podcast that covers everything from how to be a better communicator to how to stick to your New Year's resolutions. His motto is "Success is about getting the right things done."

"Michael Hyatt has always been my go-to for all things productivity," Moore tells Business Insider. "You'll get more done, have better communication skills, and might just become the most high producing, happy human you know."

"So Money"

Farnoosh Torabi

Personal finance expert and "You're So Money" author Farnoosh Torabi hosts a weekly podcast on money advice and career tips. Her podcast is a mix of her answering listener questions as well as interviews with successful people like "Project Runway" star Tim Gunn, author Tim Ferriss, and fitness guru Shaun T.

"Farnoosh gets deep into philosophies, wins, failures and habits. She talks about real money stories and her conversations are curious and candid," Moore said.

"Online Marketing Made Easy"

Amy Porterfield

Entrepreneur Amy Porterfield hosts a daily podcast for people looking to build, or scale, an online business. Her series focuses on topics like how to find a business mentor to how to use TikTok to get more subscribers.

"[Porterfield] offers real, juicy, practical tips with a loving vibe that make every episode value packed and thoroughly enjoyable," Moore said.

"Secrets of Wealthy Women"

Veronica Dagher

Veronica Dagher is a senior wealth management reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Her podcast profiles successful women, asking them for their advice on topics ranging from how to build a small business to how to heal from painful experiences.

"Veronica Dagher is a masterful, well-researched host that gets to the nitty gritty of so many career success stories, ranging from designers to authors to millennial experts. It's packed with incredible insights into what builds a successful career trajectory. I always take notes," said Moore, who adds that this podcast, despite its title, is not just for women.

"The Influencer Podcast"

Julie Solomon

Julie Solomon is an expert in digital marketing, PR, and personal branding. Her podcast is all about how other successful entrepreneurs and leaders built their brands. She covers topics ranging from how to make your side hustle profitable to building a personal brand from the ground up. "Whether we like it or not, everyone has a personal brand. From our Instagram to our LinkedIn profiles and even our resume or the way we conduct ourselves in meetings; bosses, colleagues and clients are paying attention to it," Moore said. "As professionals in any field, we need to engage and persuade the people around us. This show reveals some awesome ways to do it, with efficiency and elegance."

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