Woolworths' original campaign next to Pizza Hut's
Woolworths' original campaign next to Pizza Hut's social post.
  • Woolworths’ controversial Valentine’s Day campaign was mocked by Pizza Hut
  • Pizza Hut embraced the Woolworths’ “love always wins” slogan.
  • But it trolled the retailer's use of gender stereotypes. 

Pizza Hut mocked a controversial Woolworths Valentine’s Day campaign in a social media post.

The Woolworths campaign featured a series of statements meant to describe a typical relationship, followed by the slogan “love always wins”.

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“She orders a salad then steals your chips; she takes forever to get ready; she snuggles you to the edge of your bed; she uses your razor to shave her legs; she makes you her Instagram husband; she says she’s ‘fine’ when you know she’s not,” the female version of the advert reads.

“She is the light of your life.”

The male and female versions of Woolworths' Valent
The male and female versions of Woolworths' Valentine's Day campaign (Timothy Rangongo, Business Insider South Africa)

Pizza Hut’s post featured similar statements, used the same colours as the Woolworths campaign and even embraced the “love always wins” slogan.

“Sometimes he orders the pizza; sometimes she orders the pizza; they like different toppings; they choose different bases; they always get it delivered; pizza is their favourite; pizza is for everyone; the end,” the advert read.

“Pizza is for everyone.”

The caption of the Pizza Hut’s post read: “There's a pizza for everyone...every gender, every age, every race, every day.” This after the Woolworths campaign was criticised for being heteronormative.

@tash_fagri commented on Pizza Hut’s post: “Well played @pizzahutza. @woolworths_sa this is how it’s done.”

A Facebook user called the Pizza Hut ad “brilliant”.

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