She's already made waves in the art world and now the pig who loves to paint - also known as Pigcasso - is starting to hog the limelight in the fashion world too.

Pigcasso grew up in the sanctuary after being rescued as a piglet. Since then she has been allowed to let her artistic talents flourish.

Now her success is making waves in the world of limited-edition watch faces.

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A WORK OF ART. Oink on, Pigcasso!

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“The Swatch Watch by Pigcasso was their most successful limited edition artist run that they have ever had.I think its bold of them to do so, I think its socially beautiful,” said Joanne Lefson, Founder of Farm Sanctuary SA.

According to Lefson, Pigcasso's work serves to instill an awakened connection between farm animals and visitors and aims to inspire a positive change in the way society views and treats farm animals.

Pigasso’s work earned her owners over R1 million, reported the City Press.  With local and international clients being prepared to pay up to R50 000 for a single artwork. The fine swine’s work was displayed at an exhibition at the city’s V&A Waterfront last year and was included in car maker Nissan’s 50th anniversary celebration of its Skyline model.

The money raised by her paintings goes back into the sanctuary, which can be found in the picturesque Franschhoek Valley of the Western Cape, an ideal location for artists to find their inspiration. 

And if the rumours are true, next up for the unorthodox painter is venture into her own range of perfume.  

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