Piers Morgan has said he regrets previously supporting his former friend Donald Trump.
  • Speaking on "Good Morning Britain," Piers Morgan told co-host Susanna Reid that he regrets supporting his former friend Donald Trump in the aftermath of the Capitol riots.
  • Morgan said that he never thought Trump "was capable" of "[inciting] a mob to attack the Capitol in America and attack democracy itself."
  • Morgan said that Trumps' critics have been "proven right" in this "sobering moment," calling Trump "mad" and "mentally unfit."
  • Morgan has previously supported Trump over his four years in office and has defended his friendship with him on several occasions.
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British chat show host Piers Morgan said that he regrets previously supporting Donald Trump following the Capitol riots, calling the president "mentally unfit."

On Monday January 11, Morgan discussed the "horrendous" recent riots in Washington DC with co-host Susanna Reid on ITV's "Good Morning Britain."

"What we witnessed in America last week was one of the saddest things I've ever had to see, in a country that I love," Morgan said of the riots, which saw Trump supporters break into the Capitol building in last-ditch attempts to stop the certification of Joe Biden's election win by Congress in the building.

"It was a mob of insurrectionists attempting a coup, encouraged to fight down at the Capitol by their own President," Morgan said. "Trump's gone mad. I think the pandemic and the realization [that he] cost them the election have sent him nuts and now it's a very dangerous situation."

Rioters insider the US Capitol building.

Morgan has previously supported Trump over his four years in office and has defended his friendship with him on several occasions, such as his immigrant ban in 2017.

Morgan appeared in season seven of "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2007, where 14 celebrities vied for Trump's "Best Business Brain" title. Since then, Morgan has interviewed Trump twice in appearances that were condemned for their lack of criticism and easygoing nature from the usually pugnacious TV host.

However, Morgan's views on the current POTUS have changed in the last year.

In May 2020, Morgan branded Trump as a president with "a complete inability to show empathy" over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. This came after a column he wrote for the Daily Mail titled "SHUT THE F--- UP, PRESIDENT TRUMP."

On the January 11 show, Reid asked if Morgan now regrets supporting his former friend, to which Morgan responded: "No question, I never thought he was capable of this. He has played down to the very worst expectations and predictions of his worst critics.

"To everyone who gave him the benefit of the doubt, including me for a long time, until the pandemic really hit hard in March, April when I could see the way he was going and I then began to attack him, which I'd done all year last year, but there's no doubt I never, ever imagined the person I had known for 15 years would incite a mob to attack the Capitol in America and attack democracy itself."

Morgan continued: "He didn't just cross a line, he trampled all over that line. And he's now a threat to American democracy. To those who warned this was what was going to happen with Trump, you've been proven right. It's a sobering moment."

Addressing the possibility of the 25th Amendment being invoked, Morgan said there was a "good argument for that."

"Let's be clear what happened here ... This mob, if they had got into the chamber itself, they were chanting that they wanted to hang Mike Pence, they wanted to attack Nancy Pelosi... this could have been unbelievably awful," Morgan added.

Morgan and Reid both looked ahead to Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20, following the Democrat's election win in November that Trump and his supporters still baselessly claim is fraudulent. Morgan called Biden "a good man, a decent man," who "needs to restore some kind of peace and healing in America."

Five people died during the Capitol rights, including one Capitol police officer, while new video has shown another police officer being crushed in a doorway by Trump supporters stampeding the Capitol. Read more:

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