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We compared the prices of food essentials at Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Spar, Checkers, and Shoprite

James de Villiers , Business Insider SA
 Jan 14, 2020, 08:53 AM
  • Business Insider SA compared the prices of essential food items at the country’s major supermarkets. 
  • Shoprite came out cheapest in the comparison - 20% cheaper than Woolworths. 
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"Januworry" is a tough month for many South African consumers, who are still recovering from splurging over the holidays while having to cope with the financial demands of the new year - particularly back-to-school expenses.

Every cent counts, particularly when it comes to food spending. 

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Business Insider South Africa, therefore, compared the prices of some essential items at the country’s major retailers.

The items included in the comparison were: the price of the cheapest brown bread on display, house brand 1 litre UHT milk, a tin of house brand baked beans in tomato sauce, house brand 750 ml sunflower oil, and 2kg Tastic rice. 

Shoprite came out cheapest in the comparison, nearly R3 cheaper than the second cheapest supermarket Checkers. 

Shoprite was also 20% cheaper than Woolworths - the most expensive supermarket in Business Insider’s comparison - where the items cost a total of R91.95. Spar was the second most expensive (R86.45), while Pick n Pay was placed in the middle (R84.95). 

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