You can now buy Pick n Pay clothing via competitor, Zando – for 1c more per item

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Pick n Pay: 1c more expensive than Zando
  • Clothes from Pick n Pay appeared on fashion retail site Zando this week.
  • You'll pay 1c per item more to buy from Zando, which has similarly high shipping costs to PnP.
  • Zando says it wanted more range of its customers. Pick n Pay says it was looking for another channel to get to customers.
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* This article has been updated below.

Clothing from Pick n Pay – which has been building chains of standalone Pick n Pay Clothing stores but struggled to get online traction – went on sale via e-commerce fashion site Zando this week, at just a tiny markup.

On items compared by Business Insider South Africa, the identical piece of clothing sold on Zando at round amounts, say R200 for a pair of shorts, compared to the just-shy-of-round R199.99 Pick n Pay charges for it.

Both companies charge similar delivery fees, which are relatively high in the broader online retail space, though those fees can be waived under various promotional offers.

As of Tuesday morning, Zando listed 433 Pick n Pay products, just over 70% of those classified as products for women, including a few hats and belts.

In a joint statement released on Tuesday morning, Pick n Pay said it was giving existing customers "more access to our clothing ranges through Zando" – while looking forward to "welcoming new customers".

Zando said it wanted to extend the range available on the site.

Zando is nearly a decade old, and is part of the Jumia Group, a set of e-commerce operations spread across a dozen countries on the continent, which sometimes refers to itself as "Africa's Amazon".

In its last reported year, Pick n Pay opened 22 stand-alone Pick n Pay Clothing stores, and said it added more space for clothes in its supermarkets too. It promised to further expand, aggressively, into clothing.

It only launched the online version of Pick n Pay Clothing in August 2020, and its overall online sales remain a tiny fraction of its turnover.


After publication of this article, Pick n Pay said Zando – a clothing retailer – is not in competition with its clothing retail arm.

"Zando and any e-commerce sites that hold multiple brands are marketplace. Zando is an alternative sales platform for Pick n Pay Clothing and not a competitor," said Hazel Pillay, GM Pick n Pay Clothing.  

(Compiled by Phillip de Wet)

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