A major SA retailer is now selling citrus specifically for gin – and people are freaking out

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The citrus pairing spotted Twitter user @eimaj_j a
The citrus pairing spotted Twitter user @eimaj_j at a Cape Town Pick n Pay (Twitter, @eimaj_j)
  • Pick n Pay is selling a combination of citrus paired for gins at R44.99 at over 200 of its stores.
  • The combination called “PnP citrus for gin” has caused a commotion on social media.
  • Pick n Pay said it plans to roll out the citrus pairing to more locations following its success.

Pick n Pay - one of South Africa’s largest retailers - is selling a combination of citrus specifically paired to use with gins at over 200 of its stores.

The R44.99 citrus combination, named “PnP citrus for gin”, has caused a minor commotion on social media, with users describing it as the “most Cape Town thing” they’ve seen.

Pick n Pay spokesperson Janine Caradonna said the citrus pairing of one grapefruit, two limes, and two lemons was launched just before Christmas.

Due to its popularity it will be rolled out to additional stores soon, she said.

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“Gin continues to be a favourite with customers and we wanted to enhance their gin experience over and above offering them an increasing range of tonics options,” Caradonna told Business Insider South Africa.

Twitter user @eimaj_j, who spotted the pairing at Pick n Pay Montclare in Cape Town, said it was the “most Cape Town thing” she’s seen.

@RabinHarduth called it “Gintrification”, and @Aeleriae said it was a reason to move to Cape Town.

“Obviously, Gin is the reason all fruit exist,” @whoisalanjacobs said.

The selections of citrus in the bag each offer a unique flavour and accompaniment to gin, Caradonna said.

“We recommend slicing the citrus, giving it a light squeeze to release some of its juice before placing it into the glass with ice and topping with your mixer of choice,” she said.

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