The winners of the 13th edition of the Belief Awards were just announced.

  • The Belief Awards celebrate wedding planners, coordinators, and designers from all over the world.
  • The experts put together stunning weddings that honour couples' personalities.
  • The winners of the 13th edition of the awards were just announced, spotlighting weddings everywhere from Costa Rica to Greece.
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Many of the award-winning weddings took advantage of the beauty of the natural world.

Adri Mendez Photography/Belief Awards

Meghan Cox of Mil Besos planned Danielle Harper and Marcus Yaeger's destination wedding, which took place in Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The event took place at a private villa, allowing the couple to enjoy the Costa Rican landscape without feeling like they were on display.

Ari Mendez photographed the event.

For instance, the mountains of Portugal were the perfect backdrop for Sarah Ware and James Woznicki's wedding.

Alvaro B. Miranda/Belief Awards

The couple got married on the Azores, which offers both lush mountains and stunning ocean views.

Maria Connie Martins Vieira of Ambiance Weddings Azores planned their day, highlighting the beauty of Portugal.

Alvaro B. Miranda photographed the wedding.

Other planners embraced the beauty of indoor venues.

Bandel Studio/Belief Awards

Veronica Frasca planned Patrícia Rennó Pinto and Gabriel Santana's wedding at the Villa Trivulzio in Milan, Italy.

The couple looks timeless in the stunning villa.

Bandel Studio photographed the wedding.

Some planners opted for bright colours to make a splash at their weddings.

Carlos Elizondo/Belief Awards

Estela Maldonado of Bougainvillea San Miguel de Allende planned Lauren and Chris' Mexican wedding.

Maldonado embraced bougainvillea, a natural flower from the area in the design, filling the ceremony with shades of pink, red, and terracotta.

Carlos Elizondo photographed the wedding.

Others went for a more neutral look.

Collective Eight/Belief Awards

The natural hues of El Salvador shined at Jimena Chacon and Erick Soto's wedding, which was planned by Belen Esquivel.

Esquivel played up the natural greenery of the scenery and nodded to the modern architecture of the couple's ceremony structure.

Collective Eight photographed the wedding.

A lot of planners made their clients' weddings stand out with entertainment.

Clarooscuro Bodas/Belief Awards

Planned by Jossy Quezada, Claudia Cabrejos and Calvin Drego's wedding celebrated the groom's Indian culture and the bride's Peruvian roots.

In this shot, the couple took part in a traditional Peruvian dance together as entertainers cheered them on.

Clarooscuro Bodas photographed the wedding.

Special effects helped weddings make a splash.

Cuartoazul Wedding/Belief Awards

Badel Go´mez Nechar of Soiree Eventos planned María José Calderon and Miguel García's wedding in Mérida, Yucatán, México.

Fireworks exploded near the couple as they shared their first dance. The lights sparkled against the greenery overhead and the intricate floor, giving the moment an otherworldly look.

Cuartoazul Wedding photographed the wedding.

The venue made all the difference for some weddings.

Dina Dekyun/Belief Awards

Alexandra Wormser and Dirk Schilmoeller's wedding, which was planned by Rendez-vous in Paris, took place at Hotel Salomon de Rothschild.

The Paris mansion gave the event an elegant and classic feel from the start, allowing Rendez-vous to build the vibe of the day out from there.

Dina Deykun photographed the wedding.

The Belief Awards celebrated destination weddings.

Filipe Santos Wedding Photographer/Belief Awards

Ana Sofia Lopes of Cotton Dreams by Sofia planned London-based couple Sapna Kumar and Nikhil Kumar's wedding in Portugal.

The couple looks like a picture-perfect postcard as they pose in front of a bridge. Their gold and red attire accent the moment.

Filipe Santos Wedding Photographer photographed the wedding.

Natural landscapes made for the ideal wedding for some.

Iceland Wedding Photo/Belief Awards

Planned by Vigdi´s Segatta of Lux Wedding, Marilee Devries and Benjamin Docksteader let the Icelandic mountains serve as their wedding backdrop.

The small ceremony was punctuated by the massive mountains, giving the event an inherent grandeur.

Bragi Thor of Iceland Wedding Photo photographed the wedding.

Others opted for city backdrops on their big days.

Fred Marcus Studio/Belief Awards

Jacqueline Vasquez, the owner of Lifetime Events by Jacqueline, planned Victoria Persico and Frankie Sabatino's New York City wedding.

The juxtaposition of the couple dressed in wedding attire with the day-to-day city dwellers is striking.

Fred Marcus Studio photographed the wedding.

Local colour brightened each celebration.

Amour Films/Belief Awards

Paulina and Samuel were married in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where the groom's parents met. The event was planned by Guadalupe Alvarez and Meegan Cardenas of Penzi Weddings.

The couple was able to use the city as an integral part of the wedding, incorporating the groom's history and culture into the event.

Amour Films photographed the wedding.

Simple but meaningful additions, like floral archways, show a planner's touch.

Fine Art Studio/Belief Awards

Viviane and Juliano were married on a beach in Mexico, but the event was far from a casual affair.

Planner Gwenaelle Grosset of Destination Weddings Talum elevated the altar with a massive floral archway that matched the flowers decorating the aisle. The addition transforms the space into the perfect spot for a wedding.

Fine Art Studio photographed the wedding.

Venues can set the tone for a wedding day.

Bruno Barata/Belief Awards

Oui Love You's Rita Gonc¸alves planned Stephanie Costa and Andrew Kelser's destination wedding in Portugal.

The couple's vineyard venue immediately made the wedding feel romantic, and the traditional Portuguese ceremony just made it more special.

Bruno Barata photographed the wedding.

Some couples loved their smaller weddings.

Golden Days Wedding Photography/Belief Awards

Teresa Perdiga~o of Something Borrowed helped New Zealand-based couple Sanna op den Dries and Hamish McCarroll pull together their intimate destination wedding in Portugal.

Because the celebration was small, the couple was able to spend some time wandering the city on their wedding day, giving them pictures that will last a lifetime.

Golden Days Wedding Photography photographed the wedding.

Others had a blast celebrating with big parties.

House on the Clouds/Belief Awards

Vivaah Weddings' Rahul Kumar and Arun Bablani planned Prerna and Shaun's wedding in the United Arab Emirates. The couple had over 400 guests at their nuptials.

The celebration took place over three days, and the couple's looks matched the grandeur of the events throughout the weekend.

House on the Clouds photographed the wedding.

The weddings highlighted the beauty of the countries in which they took place.

Iceland Wedding Photo/Belief Awards

Vigdi´s Segatta of Lux Wedding also planned Christopher and Kristen Klassen's destination wedding in Iceland, as the country was the first international location the Canadian couple vacationed in together.

The Klassens got married with the Icelandic Highlands all around them, embracing the beauty the country had to offer as they said their vows.

Bragi Thor of Iceland Wedding Photo photographed the wedding.

Some couples with winning weddings had church ceremonies with modern twists.

Independent Pictures/Belief Awards

Morine Kiryakos and Bastien Duvillard, a Switzerland-based couple, chose to have their wedding in Italy because of their love of the country's culture. Valentina Lombardi of Italian Wedding Company planned the event.

The couple had a Roman Catholic wedding ceremony, but they also incorporated traditions from the bride's Assyrian Iraqi culture.

Independent Pictures photographed the wedding.

Others had stunning outdoor ceremonies.

Phosphillic/Belief Awards

Hayxanair Hernández, the president of Nayas' Event Coordination, put together Cristina and Sean Byrne's intimate Puerto Rico wedding.

The couple's wedding took place at Hacienda Siesta Alegre, and the mountains acted as the backdrop of their outdoor ceremony.

Phospilic photographed the wedding.

The planners created fairy-tale weddings for their couples.

Mariuxi Pogo Fotografi´a/Belief Awards

Diana Álvarez and Sebastián Moreno's Ecuador wedding was planned by Ruby Rodri´guez.

The plethora of flowers and rose-coloured accessories behind them makes the couple look like their wedding is taking place in a fantasy world.

Mariuxi Pogo Fotografi´a photographed the wedding.

They can also help couples honour their cultures on their wedding days.

Joseph Nance/Belief Awards

Jacob and Tania Kottoor decided to get married in Guatemala, but they still wanted their South Asian heritage to be a focal point of their celebrations.

Mario Ayala of Escenia Events designed their event, allowing them to merge their culture with the natural scenery of Guatemala. The day was a beautiful blend.

Joseph Nance photographed the wedding.

Themed weddings made a splash in the Belief Awards.

Pedro Bento Photography/Belief Awards

Rui Mota Pinto, Wedding Tailor and Planner, put together David and Loic's "Roaring The Ritzy Wedding," a 1920s-themed event in Portugal.

Everything about the wedding was inspired by the '20s, with guests wearing period clothing and the decorations evoking a "Great Gatsby"-like fun. Rui Mota Pinto brought the theme together, creating a one-of-a-kind event that transported guests back in time.

Pedro Bento Photography photographed the wedding.

The planners also created unforgettable moments for their clients.

Nabis Photographers/Belief Awards

Anna K. Frem planned Jessica Sakhaee and Nick Fox's destination wedding in Italy, working to blend together their Jewish, American, and English heritages. The duo wanted an elegant and classic affair.

During the celebrations, the couple strolled by stunning Italian architecture, immediately making their event feel timeless.

Nabis Photographers photographed the wedding.

Experiences were integral to many of the winning weddings.

Pedro Bento Photography/Belief Awards

Joana and Pedro's "Million Dreams The Show" wedding was inspired by "The Greatest Showman," so circus-like moments were sprinkled throughout the event, which was planned by Rui Mota Pinto, Wedding Tailor and Planner.

For instance, the reception featured acrobatic dancers, and the groom's ensemble looked like a ringmaster's outfit.

Pedro Bento Photography photographed the wedding.

The winning weddings put the needs of the couple first.

Raw Shoots Photography/Belief Awards

Fun was at the heart of Nataly Blanco and Scott Vachon's Costa Rica wedding.

Meghan Cox of Mil Besos Costa Rica planned the joyful event, which embraced the tropical scenery and created an environment that was both special and laid back.

Raw Shoots Photography photographed the wedding.

Other winning planners turned a couple's wedding day into an adventure.

Renate Meimere/Belief Awards

Lena Hansen of Nordic Adventure Weddings planned Tricia Maria Klebba and James Gerard Clarke's destination wedding in Denmark, helping them find a unique spot to exchange vows.

Hansen took the couple to different Danish spots throughout their wedding day, and she added Viking touches to the day to make it even more special.

Renate Meimere photographed the wedding.

The cities just added to couples' already special days.

Ricardo Arellano/Belief Awards

Lydia Clay and Cory Laurel got married in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and the stunning town brought even more colour to their fun wedding day.

Guadalupe Alvarez and Katia Galvez of Penzi Weddings planned the wedding, helping the couple pull together a playful day that embodied their spirits.

Ricardo Arellano photographed the wedding.

The contest highlights how planners can elevate a wedding.

The Times We Have/Belief Awards

Elegance was everywhere at Ana Paula Quiros and Ignacio Furnies' Mexico wedding, which was planned by Badel Go´mez Nechar of Soiree Eventos.

Sparklers and red lighting make the couples dance seem even more special.

The Times We Have photographed the wedding.

Some of the winners spotlighted candid moments between couples.

The winners of the 13th edition of the Belief Awards were just announced.

Sabrina Gambato of Ti Amo Ti Sposo planned Giedre Jotautaite and Giuseppe Albanesi's destination wedding in Santorini, Greece.

The couple wanted a stylish aesthetic for the wedding, which Gambato helped them create. Moments like posing with a classic convertible near the ocean-side made the day perfect.

Tomas Šimkus photographed the wedding.

Fun was at the heart of many of the weddings.

Unreal Photocinema/Belief Awards

Event Flow by Evelyn Paz planned Audrey and Francisco's wedding in Mexico.

The couple blended a traditional Catholic ceremony with an over-the-top reception, incorporating water and lighting drums into the festivities. The couple's glee is clear in the candid shot.

Unreal Photocinema photographed the wedding.

Overall, the Belief Awards show how stunning weddings can be all over the world.

Wesley Vorster/Belief Awards

The gorgeous scenery made all the difference at Celia and James Paddock's South Africa wedding, which was planned by Cara Lee McLaughlin of The Mosaic Wedding Company.

Their venue was private but also provided an uninterrupted view of a Cape Town mountain, giving the couple the best of both worlds.

Wesley Vorster photographed the wedding.

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