The Old Village of Lawers.
Goldcrest Land and Property Group.
  • The Old Village of Lawers in Perthshire, Scotland is on sale for $173,000 (R2.4 million).
  • The village is said to be haunted by the Lady of Lawers, who was known for her eerie prophecies.
  • It comes with a private beach, fishing rights on the loch, and native woodland.
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The ancient ruins of a village in Scotland which is said to be haunted is on sale for just $173,000 (R2.4 million).

The Old Village of Lawers is located on the shores of Loch Tay in Perthshire. It covers 3.31 acres and comes with a private beach, native woodland, and fishing rights on the loch, according to Goldcrest Land and Property Group.

The Old Village consists of 17th-century ruins, including the House of Lawers, a site which stands on the former home of the Lady of Lawers - who is said to haunt the village to this day.

The Lady of Lawers was remembered for her "prophecies which apparently became true, and things that she said became true up to this day," Jon Lambert, partner at Goldcrest Land and Property Group, said.

The ruins of The Old Village.
Goldcrest Land and Property Group.

Lawers correctly predicted that the village's church would be damaged in a thunderstorm. She also predicted "a ship driven by smoke" long before the construction of steamships, according to Lambert.

"It's a very special place, and while all properties are unique in their own way, this is perhaps more unique than others," Lambert said, adding that its location is also a selling point.

"Perthshire is one of the most desirable, if not the most desirable county of Scotland. Loch Tay is a stunning part of the world, and if you're lucky enough to capture a bit of good weather, it's truly world class," he said.

The Old Village is situated on Loch Tay.
Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group.

According to Goldcrest, just 17 people were reported as living by the loch in The Old Village in an 1841 census. By 1891, there were just seven people, and it was abandoned completely by 1926.

"I think with the whole Covid scene some of these places become more and more precious in my opinion, with more and more people becoming less enthusiastic to jump on planes to the other side of the world. And these little spots of paradise are certainly generating a huge amount of interest," Lambert said. "We launched the property on Friday and have been inundated with enquiries and questions."

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