Which shade of green belongs in the empty space?
Courtesy of Lenstore

  • Lenstore created a quiz that tests how we perceive colour.
  • Those who are younger scored higher than older people, proving that colour perception declines as you age.
  • People who speak multiple languages were able to score higher on the test.
  • The country of Cyprus had the highest scores, with South Africa coming in second and the US third.

Although colours are all around us, we may be experiencing the colour spectrum differently. It's the reason why we love optical illusions and why the internet was torn about the "The Dress."

Researchers at Lenstore put together a test to study and further understand how we see colour.

How well can you see colour?

Take the quiz and find out.

According to Lenstore, which tested 2,000 people, on average, most got six out of 10 answers right on the quiz. About 17% of people got seven right answers, 9.1% of people got eight right answers, and only .2% got nine right answers. The study showed that just .1% got a perfect score.

What's even more interesting is how the scoring broke down based on demographics. While both men and women scored evenly on average, the scores varied drastically by age because colour perception declines. Those between the ages of 31 and 35 scored the highest with 60% of participants earning average scores. On the other hand, those between 81 and 89 years old scored the lowest with 38% of people earning the average score.

The results also varied based on a person's language capability. Those who speak more languages were able to get more questions right.

Also, the people of Cyprus scored higher than everyone in the world with 66% of people getting an average score. South Africa followed as a close second with 65% and the US fell in third place with 61.7%.

These are the top ten countries with the best colour perception, according to the test's results.

  1. Cyprus: 66.0%
  2. South Africa: 65.0%
  3. United States: 61.7%
  4. Bulgaria: 60.0%
  5. Germany: 58.8%
  6. Australia: 57.5%
  7. Poland: 56.7%
  8. France/Portugal: 56%
  9. Zimbabwe: 53.3%
  10. Spain: 51.5%

Where do you stand in the rankings?

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