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Outraged Vitality members say they aren’t even getting free smoothies for achieving goals anymore

James de Villiers , Business Insider SA
 Jan 15, 2020, 04:20 PM
A Team Vitality runner during the Tyger Run in Mar
A Team Vitality runner during the Tyger Run in March (Facebook, Discovery Vitality)
  • Discovery Vitality members are complaining they can no longer earn free coffee or smoothies for achieving their fitness goals with Discovery Miles. 
  • Discovery has blamed a changeover from Vitality Reward Points to Discovery Miles as its reward currency, in the past week, for the error. 
  • Other Vitality members accused Discovery of diluting its offering with Discovery Miles. 
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Discovery Vitality members say they aren’t able to get free coffees or smoothies for achieving fitness goals any longer, after the popular system changed from Vitality Reward Points to Discovery Miles in the past week. 

But Discovery said the “transition” to the new point system resulted in some members not being allocated their correct number of points, and that this had caused errors. 

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On Twitter, Vitality members said they were previously able to at least receive a free coffee or smoothy as a reward for achieving their goals, but have found themselves unable to do so under the Discovery Miles system. 

Many correctly pointed out that previously only 25 Vitality Rewards Points were needed to get a free smoothie or coffee, but that they now need 150 Discovery Miles to buy the same reward. 

This while the new game board has a minimum of 50 Discovery Miles to be earned.  

Others said it was simply now more difficult to acquire rewards such as free meals or gift cards under the Discovery Miles system than on the Vitality Reward Points system. 

Discovery Vitality CEO Dinesh Govender said the transition from Vitality Reward Points to Discovery Miles in the past week caused some members not to receive the correct number of reward points. 

“Some Vitality members received their gameboard play today but have not yet received their instant 100 Discovery Miles for completing their weekly goal,” Govender told Business Insider South Africa. 

He said all members should receive the automatic 100 Discovery Miles for completing their fitness goal by Friday. 

If a hundred Discovery Miles is added to the minimum of 50 Discovery Miles someone can earn on the gameboard, they should earn enough to get a free coffee. 

Govender pointed out that compared to Vitality Reward Points, the new Discovery Miles can be spent on online or in stores when shopping at Vitality retail partners, on flights at, or can be converted to cash for Discovery Bank clients.

Discovery Miles are also valid for five years, compared to Vitality Reward Points which expired after 12 weeks. 

“Going forward, the 100 Discovery Miles for weekly goal completion will be instantly allocated upon closure of each of your exercise, drive and money goals,” Govender said. 

“We’ll also continue to add to the program with surprise and other bonus rewards which will ensure that high value, lottery elements are there for members.”

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