(Kayleigh Tuck, via Instagram)
  • A couple of ostriches were caught on video hanging out at the beach near Cape Town this weekend.
  • Kayleigh Tuck posted video of one ostrich venturing into the surf a little way, and the pair seeming to pose for a beach photo.
  • The ostriches appeared to be just passing by, she says, and then maybe they got a little hot.
  • Though sea bathing is unusual, Cape Point ostriches have a reputation for unexpected hobbies.
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An ostrich pair was filmed on the beach at Cape Point, an hour outside Cape Town, this weekend, with one venturing ankle-deep into the surf before turning tail.

Kayleigh Tuck posted video of the beach break on TikTok and Instagram, quickly making the ostriches famous.

Tuck shot the video at Cape Point over the weekend.

The area is know for its ostriches, she told Business Insider South Africa, and they can often be seen roaming the nature reserve.

They are even known to walk on the sand – "but it was weird to see them in the water."

"The male ostrich went straight towards the water, while the female just stood on the sand watching. After his 'dip', he and his 'girlfriend' took a walk along the sand and ended up right in front of us," she said of the sighting.

"They then spotted another ostrich behind us and walked right past to get to it. It was so bizarre."

The pair did not appear to be hitting up beach-goers for food, and did not seem to be out for a day at the beach either. They rather seemed to be on their way somewhere, says Tuck, then decided to make a quick stop.

"Someone said that they go into the water to get rid of ticks, but it was also a hot day, maybe he was just hot?"

Cape Point ostriches have been known to patrol its roads during lockdown, and joining cyclists on their rides.

(Compiled by Phillip de Wet)

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