Ostrich steaks reviewed
A still from the G2E Media review of ostrich steaks from Aldi in the UK. (YouTube)
  • A group of Australians are reportedly hotly debating whether people should eat ostrich, after spotting South African ostrich steaks on British supermarket shelves.
  • Some would like to see ostrich available in their stores, others are horrified by the idea.
  • The pre-seared steaks, from Oudtshoorn, sell for the equivalent of around R320 per kilogram at British stores of the Aldi chain.
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Some Australians are very upset that people eat ostriches. Others would like to see their local supermarkets stock it. But either way, the "bizarre" meat offering – from South Africa, sold on shelves in Britain – have Australians debating furiously, The Daily Mail Australia reports.

The debate was reportedly triggered by a posting on a Facebook group for "Aldi mums", named for the huge German supermarket chain with stores in both the United Kingdom and Australia. It showed an Aldi in the UK offering ostrich fillet steaks at £3.99 for a 250g pack, the equivalent of around R320 per kilogram, with the comment "[h]ow cool would this be for Australia to get?"

Not very cool, according to some of those responding, who found it gross and inhumane to eat ostrich. They were countered by people pointing out the similarities with eating chicken, and educating their peers on how ostriches are farmed.

The Facebook group, for "mums who love Aldi", has more than 177,000 members.

The product that caused the uproar is a pack of two pre-grilled ostrich fillet steaks, sold under the brand The Lions Kingdom, made by Klein Karoo International, based in Oudtshoorn.

While not hugely common in UK supermarkets, it is also on sale from Aldi competitor Sainsbury's, for a heftier £5.25 for the pack, the equivalent of R420 per kilogram. Sainsbury's categorises it alongside duck, game, and venison. A third major UK chain, Tesco, has previously stocked the same thing.

The "exotic" offer of ostrich steaks has previously made headlines in the UK. But buyers, in a country where venison is common and supermarkets compete heavily on the ranges they offer, including when it comes to meat, have largely welcomed it without drama.

"Definitely a hit" and "bloody delightful" said one recent reviewer of Aldi's ostrich steaks.

(Compiled by Phillip de Wet)

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