The internet is confused by Natalia Vodianova's picture.

  • Russian Calvin Klein model Natalia Vodianova posted a picture of herself on Instagram and commenters are confused because it looks like she has no legs.
  • Some think it's the work of a failed Photoshop edit due to a bizarre spot in the middle of the dress.
  • Others think the edge of the nearby mirrors is distorting her left leg while her right leg blends in with the couch behind her.
  • This mystery remains unsolved.

Models are used to drawing attention to their bodies, but one Russian supermodel's body is getting a lot of attention for a very strange reason.

Calvin Klein model Natalia Vodianova took to Instagram this week to show off her outfit, but her fans immediately noticed that it appears she is floating without any legs. The image has now gone viral with many commenting on the optical illusion and asking, "Where are your legs?"

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Take a look for yourself.

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A post shared by Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova) on

Some commenters think this illusion is the result of a bad Photoshop edit, and they think the bizarre spot on her dress is proof. The mark is definitely alarming and many think it's actually her finger left behind after the edit. They also think that the mother of five's elongated left shoulder is further evidence of photo tampering.

Evidence of Photoshop.

Others think there's a much simpler explanation, though. It appears that the right leg is blending in with the couch behind her while the edge of two mirrors is distorting her left leg, making it appear to be another leg of the table.

Evidence of mirror distortion.

This isn't the first time INSIDER tackled a case of a missing leg. In February, we got to the bottom of a viral picture where people couldn't decide if a girl had one or two legs, while we also investigated how a group of six girls appeared to only have five sets of legs.

As for Vodianova's leg quandary, the mystery remains. INSIDER reached out to Natalia Vodianova to settle this once and for all but did not received an immediate response.

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