There's an animal hiding in this optical illusion, but you have to shake your head to see it

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Do you see what's hiding in the stripes?
  • The latest optical illusion that's blowing people's minds requires a little bit of effort to see.
  • In order to see the mystery image behind the stripes, you have to shake your head.
  • If shaking your head vigorously back and forth in the office isn't really your style, there are other ways to see the hidden image.

Ten days into 2019 and we already have the next illusion that's taking over the internet.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill brainteaser, though - this one requires some effort.

Dr. Michelle Dickinson, a nanotech engineer (and kite-surfer) posted the illusion on Twitter, telling her followers "I'm serious" about shaking their heads.

Can you see the illusion?

Spoiler alert, it's a cat.

If you're trying to avoid a headache, or shaking your head in the office to the confusion of your co-workers, there are a few other ways to try and see the cat.

The illusion.

First, instead of shaking your head, you can try moving the picture back and forth on your screen. This simulates the movement without giving yourself a pounding headache.

If that doesn't work, try looking at the photo from different angles (though, that might still earn you some stares).

If all else fails: zoom out on the photo. If you look at a very small version, the cat should become clear.

Happy shaking!

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