Searching for a job online? Here are the big trends right now in South Africa

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  • There are currently 14% fewer job listings available online in South Africa than before lockdown, a new report by an online job aggregator shows.
  • Meanwhile, the number of people looking for jobs has increased, with plumbers and care-givers among the most searched-for positions in South Africa
  • There are more than 10,000 job listing in the IT sector, with a similar number in engineering – while “driver” is the most in-demand role currently available in South Africa, with almost 8,000 listings.
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A new report about the job listings currently available in South Africa, compiled by the online job aggregator Adzuna, shows that there continues to be a strong demand for IT and engineering skills, while plumbers and electricians are scrambling for jobs.

Here are some of the current trends in the job market:

There are still 14% fewer jobs available than before lockdown

The number of online job listings has not yet fully recovered from March this year, Adzuna’s research shows. But it has come a long way from mid-July – at that stage, there were 40% fewer online job listings than in March.

There are more job seekers

As would be expected, given widespread retrenchments, the number of job seekers has increased. According to Adzuna, there were 21% more unique searches on Adzuna in the six months leading up to September. “This means that more South Africans, who weren’t previously looking, are now looking for employment opportunities online,” says Jesse Green, country manager for Adzuna South Africa. 

Most available job are in IT and engineering

There are almost 10,200 job listings in IT and around 10,000 in engineering available in South Africa, according to Adzuna

The next big sector is accounting and finance, with almost 7,000 jobs.

Sales and logistics, healthcare and nursing, as well as manufacturing all have around 1,000 listings each.

Thousands of job listings for drivers available

According to Green, the most prolific role currently available in South Africa is “driver” with over 7,900 positions on offer across the country.

Driving jobs offer average salaries of R294,755 per year, and the majority of vacancies can be found in the Gauteng province.

“With online shopping becoming the norm for the majority of South Africans, this job’s nature (which allows for social distancing) has made it more popular than ever, even though it does not always offer the most attractive remuneration packages,” she adds.

There has been a surge in plumbers and care-givers searching for jobs

Adzuna looked at the most searched-for jobs, and found a surge in people looking for apprenticeships and jobs as plumbers in the period from March to September.

Here are the increased interest in job listings among job seekers in that time, as well as how much they can expect to earn:

“(Most of these) positions do not require a degree or a diploma, highlighting the fact that blue-collar workers have been hard-hit by the pandemic and make up a large chunk of South Africa’s job-seeking community,” says Green.

“Enquiries for apprentice roles have increased dramatically since March. Possibly, this is due to the fact that many of these individuals lost their entry-level placements during the peak of the pandemic and are now looking to secure more permanent employment again.”

On the opposite end of the scale, searches for “domestic worker” and “waitress” have seen decreases of -63% and -57% respectively. Searches for “cashier”, “security guard”, “receptionist” and “retail” jobs have all dropped in the six months since the outbreak of the pandemic.

There is big interest in remote positions

“Remote” is one of the most popular search terms with South Africans actively looking for jobs they can do from the comfort and safety of their own homes, says Green. The term “remote” was one of the most popular search terms in September, with searches specifying remote locations up 563% since March 2020.

SA currently has just over 1,100 work-from-home positions being advertised online. The majority of remote jobs falls under the IT sector, and opportunities are generally evenly divided between the country’s leading hubs of Gauteng and the Western Cape.  

Compared to March this year, there are 200% more remote positions on offer across the country, Adzuna found.

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