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  • Customers who placed orders for alcohol online may be in for a long wait as distributors will only start processing orders on Monday, 1 June.
  • President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Sunday that the off-premises sale of liquor will be permitted at Alert Level 3. 
  • Distributors with online stores say they are finalising plans for a hopefully seamless delivery process. 
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Customers who placed orders for alcohol online might have to wait some time for their deliveries, as some sellers will only start processing orders from Monday, 1 June, when the country downgrades to Alert Level 3.

Some orders may take up to seven days to deliver, depending on where in the country you are based.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Sunday that the sale of liquor will be permitted. The liquor can be sold at stores, and online, but not in restaurants and bars.

Many South Africans already placed online orders from alcohol sellers over recent weeks, with the proviso that delivery would take place once booze was allowed to be sold again.

Speaking to Business Insider South Africa, owner and director, Judy Brower, says producers and sellers are not allowed to prepare before Monday, 1 June. This means they will only start processing and co-ordinating online orders on Monday.

"We have had hundreds of new orders coming in since the president's announcement last night," says Brower. .

"We are currently getting ready, negotiating with suppliers and understanding the guidelines," says Joburg-based Dry Dock Liquor co-founder, Martin Pienaar. 

It would make the distribution much easier if sellers and distributors were allowed to set up over the weekend, he says, so that they can get their orders out as early as possible.

"Our priority now are those who have already ordered earlier," he says.

"Worst case scenario is that the alcohol will be delivered to us on Monday and we will communicate with our customers."

To clear the existing backlog of orders, CellarDirect and, which are based in Somerset West, will start delivering "locally" first. Customer in other areas, including outside of the Western Cape, can expect orders within 7 days.

But Brower warns that, considering courier companies will be very busy during this time, customers should expect possible delays that could see their orders arrive even later.

Pienaar says its customers will be given the option of picking up their orders without having to leave their cars.

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