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One Day Only Offers takes fire for claiming a 85% markdown on knives that wasn't

Timothy Rangongo , Business Insider SA
 Jun 01, 2018, 10:07 AM
  • The advertising authority has ruled that One Day Only Offers distorted prices on its website to make its specials look better
  • The retailer claimed a set of knives was selling at a 85% markdown.

* This article has been updated to correct a serious error. 

The online retailer One Day Only Offers came under fire for falsely advertising a one-day-only special on a 6-piece knife set at a price of R259. One Day Only Offers claimed the retail price is R1,700 – saving online shoppers 85%.

"85% off! Yes, deals are what we do all day every day and yes, bragging about the saving is like the postman expecting congratulations for delivering the mail ... It's quite substantial, is our point. It's also a pretty phenomenal knife set, if the R1400+ you will save didn't make the sale already."
reads the eRetailer's ad

But an online shopper brought the promotion to the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA)'s attention as being "misleading and incorrect."

The shopper claimed the exact same knife set was already being sold at at a price of R496 at other retailers

The Berlinger Haus 6-Piece Marble Coating Knife Set whose price was distorted by One Day Only on their website. (One Day Only)

"[One Day Only Offers] is tricking people into purchasing their [knives] thinking it is a great special, when in fact it is not," argued the online shopper who laid a complaint with the ASA.

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In March, there was a similar complaint against fellow retailer Takealot. With that case, the ASA looked up the price of the advertised merchandise on the supplier's website, which corresponded with the Takealot claim. The ASA ruled in Takelot's favour. 

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In a ruling statement, the ASA said that it tried to look up the R1,700 price on a hyperlink supplied by One Day Only Offers. However, the link contained an error  – prompting the ASA to search for the price itself. The ASA found that the listed price for the product was between R700 and R800, not R1,695.

The ASA ruled that One Day Only Offers advertising was therefore misleading and that they should source retail prices for products advertised on special, correctly.

CORRECTION: This article originally referred to Takelot as the company that was found to have made a misleading claim. That is incorrect. The complaint and ruling was against One Day Only Offers. The article has been updated throughout to reflect this. Business Insider South Africa apologises for the error.

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