This Joburg paint company owner has revolutionised the way you use a roller tray

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  • A Johannesburg entrepreneur has re-invented the paint tray, incorporating it into the paint bucket.
  • Sejal Purbhoo believes that it is reducing wastage.

"To me innovation is about doing things differently to add value to something that we have been doing the same way for years," says Sejal Purbhoo, owner of Olympic Paints.

That's exactly what he did with the invention of a new built-in paint tray called the Flip 'n Roll in Olympic's 20 litre buckets of paint

House painters typically use a separate roller tray to ensure that there is an even spread of paint on the roller before painting. However, with the paint needing to be poured out onto a tray, this results in wastage, says Purbhoo. Olympic's paint tray - which is part of the bucket - allows the paint to drip back into the bucket, containing wastage. 

The company was founded in 1980 by his father, Nirenjan (63), who worked as a research chemist at a paint manufacturing company in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg.

The younger Purbhoo was a finalist for the recent FNB Business Innovation Awards. "Innovation is not only needed where a problem needs to be solved, but can also be introduced in a process that works to make that process better," he says. 

"For most, painting a home is a luxury."

"We established ourselves so that we can provide luxury products at affordable prices." Olympic Paints sets itself out to disrupt the industry, he says.

"We are developing innovations that are unique not only in our country but unique globally." 

                                                           (Video courtesy of FNB)

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