The Ads Authority confirmed that skateboarding on a public road is illegal in SA law. (Getty Images)
  • Nissan rolled out a TV ad skateboarders on a public road. 
  • Skateboarding on a public road is outlawed in SA.
  • SA's advertising authority found that the commercial disregarded safety, and it may not be flighted in South Africa.

When the new Qashqai was rolled out, Nissan South Africa showcased the car with a TV ad that featured skateboarder.

The Advertising Standards Association of South Africa (ASA) received a complaint about the fact that the skateboarding took place on a public road, which is illegal in South Africa.

The ASA ruled against Nissan, basing its decision on a past complaint against a Toyota Auris ad. The ASA ruled that "while the [Toyota] advertisement depicts an act that is considered to be part of skateboard culture or lifestyle, it shows an unsafe practice and disregard for safety…”. The same reasoning was then applied in the Nissan matter.

The new Nissan Qashqai that finds itself at the heart of the contended TV commercial. (Picture: Nissan)

Nissan's argument that the road was closed at the time of shooting and is shown to be closed in the ad was considered irrelevant by the ASA.

The car-maker also said it submitted the skateboarding concept to the ASA before shooting started. But the ASA contended that it is not mandated to offer such advice.

The commercial was ordered to be withdrawn.

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