• A Nigerian businesswoman has come up with an easier way to wear the beloved African headwrap.
  • She's designed a ready-made headwrap that goes for about R1,670.
  • It can save women up to 30 minutes in getting their headwrap just right. 

A new take on an essential and beloved African accessory may be the next big global fashion statement. The gele (headwrap) has been worn by women for years across the African continent, particularly West Africa.

The popular colourful headpiece for special occasions requires great skills and patience to wrap, sometimes taking up to 30 minutes to get the shape just right.

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Toyosi Ande, a Nigerian businesswoman and co-founder of Autogele, may have found a solution. She's invented the auto-headwrap that is ready-made for wearers.

A lady in Gele (headwrap). (Wikimedia Commons)

Ande says she wanted to help modern stylish women who wanted something beautiful without stress. She also wanted something portable for her to travel with that she could just strap on, "that's why our slogan is the gele that ties itself."

The autogele is proving to be a worthwhile business for Ande. In the past four years, her company has already sold more than 5,000 pieces worldwide.

The autogele can cost up to $110 (about R1,670).

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