Covid-19 update: Ramaphosa asks Putin for help, global death toll tops 60 000

Last updated 18:11, 4 April 2020: The latest news about the crisis in South Africa.

Debt collectors won’t come knocking on your door during SA’s Covid-19 lockdown

Banks and financial services of all kinds are expected to keep going during lockdown – but debt collectors are specifically banned from operating.

The govt can now track cellphone locations back to 5 March: how Covid-19 tracing will work

Cellphone locations will be traced without any notification to the user, with the details going into a database to track anyone who may be carrying the novel coronavirus.

A third of recent meltdowns were related to crises at the SA finance ministry.

Stores in Cape Town aren’t taking any chances, even though the Western Cape says they may sell cigarettes – in contravention of national rules.

At least 51,000 people have died due to Covid-19 to date.

Charity organisations like soup kitchens and school feeding schemes are facing logistical and financial complications. That's one place you can help those worst affected by the novel coronavirus.

Clicks floor staff will also be receiving perspex visors designed to offer protection from droplets from potentially infected customers.

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