2020 was a bumper year for home buyers and sellers in SA - here's what to expect from 2021

Defying expectations, house prices rose in 2020 and more buyers received their asking price.

Back-to-school bargains will be available deep in February this year, with fierce competition

Retailers selling school supplies have opted to extend traditional Back to School sales after the start of the 2021 school year was postponed to mid-February.

We finally managed to test Woolworth’s Dash same-day delivery – and it didn’t hugely impress

In spite of the teething problems, it's a welcome competitor to Sixty60 – though not ready to replace it yet.

The time it takes to pay off a solar system is decreasing, but private producers who wish to feed the grid need to be aware of additional municipal costs.

Mr Price and Massmart have both reported sales growth for home improvement and DIY divisions after consumers took to upgrading their homes. But that can only really happen once, an analyst warns.

The South African government is still expecting the first million vaccines from India this month.

South Africa bucks the global trend, with more citizens worried about corruption and unemployment than the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you’re a homeowner looking to make some extra money through daily rentals, a new film location platform says it can help you earn.

Proposed norms and standards around social distancing and safe food handling in the tourism sector is intended to go beyond Covid-19.