5 things you need to know in SA business today and 6 warning signs your hair loss is something more serious

President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver the State of the Nation (SONA) address at 19:00 on Thursday.

This will likely be the cheapest SONA in 5 years - R500,000 cheaper than the last one in February

The June 2019 State of the Nation Address' marketing and advertising budget has seen a “drastic reduction”.

This is how much South African ambassadors are paid – after all their expenses are covered

South African ambassadors get generous allowances and "hardship" travel perks on top of salaries that are among the highest in the civil service – with no top diplomat earning under R1 million per year.

FNB gave away free money – here’s what will happen if you don’t pay it back

First National Bank customers who saw their account balances increase in error have little chance of legitimately hanging on to the cash – and some chance of being liable for interest and legal fees.

South African Virgin Active members represent 59% of the company’s overall consumer base, but only 39% of the company’s income.

Li Ka-Shing's announcement comes a month after US philanthropist Robert F. Smith pledged to pay off the student debt of US college Morehouse's class of 2019.

A Chinese woman endured stomach pains for 10 years before undergoing surgery to remove the surprising culprit: a 30 centimetre-long parasitic worm.

Christmas came early for many FNB clients on Tuesday – but it is not going to last.

The US president made some extravagant promises as he officially launched his re-election bid for the 2020 American elections at a rally in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday night.

Daniel Beckwitt had become obsessed in recent years by the idea of North Korean missile strikes, and decided to build a bunker in secret.