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The Civil Aviation Authority says SAA and Comair must inspect all their aircraft for safety – but that it didn’t ground anybody

The CAA said it ordered a "verification exercise" after picking up trouble in a sample of aircraft, but did not specify what that trouble is.

Cape Town was just ranked the 5th most sex-obsessed city in the world – and the ‘sexy’ accent was key

Cape Town is a melting pot for tantalising treats and intimate adventures.

UPDATE: Here are all 12 flights British Airways, SAA, and Kulula have cancelled after a technical inspection – so far only for Tuesday

Comair said it expected to see the impact of a Civil Aviation Authority audit of SAA Technical only on Tuesday, but whether the cancelled flights will resume on Wednesday is not clear.

Theodent 300 is listed as the world’s most expensive toothpaste.

YoTaxi drivers are already calling on Uber and Bolt drivers to join them if they want to be safe.

According to a HuffPost report, women were encouraged to "signal fitness and wellness" by getting manicures and wearing flattering clothing.

The House of Commons has voted in favour of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, in a major boost for Boris Johnson's hopes of passing Brexit by October 31.

A study into British children's gaming preferences claims children feel 'scorned' if their 'Fortnite' in-game avatars wear the game's 'default' skins.

Prince Harry added that "inevitably stuff happens," blaming the pressure of being a member of the royal family.