Why this SA company's share price doubled in a week

But EOH is still down 90% over the past three years.

A direct flight between Cape Town and the US is a start – now let’s not kill Airbnb please

Competing airlines are filling in the gaps left by SAA, but if South Africa regulates accommodation to suit big hotel groups, direct flights won't be enough to ensure tourism brings in the money and jobs we need.

We compared the prices of Easter staples – and you can pay 44% too much for a chocolate bunny if you aren't careful

There are huge variations in the price you'll pay for hot cross buns – which can be quite different from retailer to retailer. But there is also a big difference in price for exactly the same chocolate bunny which is, well, exactly the same at every retailer.

Chicken Licken fans may finally get home deliveries - the chain is in talks with Uber Eats

Just in time for a new round of complaints about the biggest problem in fast food – for the Chicken Licken faithful, anyway – the chain has suggested easy delivery may be on the horizon.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested in South Africa's biggest producer of insect protein.

Gmail gives you only 15 GB of free storage. Follow these simple steps to make space in your inbox and avoid paying extra for your email account.

Sony's next-generation PlayStation console is deep in development, and the first details were just revealed in a Wired exclusive.

Don't get too worried — these little guys aren't coming to pull your house away anytime soon.

MIT researchers debuted a concept at TED 2019 that allows people to move massively heavy objects by hand.

As flames took hold of the 800-year-old church, far-right activists launched a disinformation campaign.