‘Caltex’ petrol stations will soon start to disappear, replaced by 850 ‘Astron’ outlets

The Caltex petrol station's new owners have until 2024 to stop using the name, but said it will take the opportunity to create a unified brand.

South Africans have a KFC obsession, a new survey finds – but are thinking vegan

South Africans don't care about Fishaways and Pizza Hut, judging by social media.

Covid-19: Primary school kids are starting to return full-time – here is govt’s plan to keep them safe

The Department of Basic Education has announced intervention measures for primary schools returning to full capacity learning.

Pepkor – hardest hit by the unrest – aims to reopen 70% of damaged stores by late-September

More than 500 Pepkor stores were damaged during the recent bout of civil unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

South Africans still aren’t allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates, even if they’re fully vaccinated.

Economic opportunity and the chance at a better quality of life, rather than safety or political concerns, are by far the biggest pull factors for South Africans considering moving abroad, a new survey says.

12 parks are due to go "cash free" in September, and before 2023 is out, none will be accepting cash, says SA National Parks.

External factors seem to have limited the impact of lifting the restrictions, but experts worry another wave might come in the autumn.

The tool must maintain a database of crypto wallets and monitor the behavior of market participants.

Japanese skateboarders dominated the Olympic Games park final with a brilliant gold-silver finish in Tokyo.