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Load shedding for Monday – and perhaps the week, Zuma is in hospital, and more.

Take a look: Inside Shoprite's massive warehouse - which operates in near total silence

Cilmor is the newest and most technologically advanced - and the scale is still impossible to comprehend.

Here is the gossip we heard at Uber's Christmas party in London, where it faces an imminent ban

Uber lost its license to operate in London, where it has more than 3.5 million riders, last month. But insiders believe Uber will escape the ban.

On Tuesday, Trump called Macron "very, very nasty" after the French leader criticized the US for withdrawing troops from Syria. Then Macron made fun of him with friends.

From Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" to Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out?," here are the hit songs that didn't hold up in the long run.

The small study supports earlier research that obesity is associated with changes in the brain, but which comes first isn't clear.

Ever wanted a designer condom or a gold toothbrush? Well, you're in luck, because those — and a number of other fancified items — are very real.

The reports would appear to corroborate leaked renderings of the S11, which show a large camera lens on the back of the phone.

Compound interest is the process of adding interest to a principal amount and basing future interest on this new balance.