SA’s new Covid-19 cases reach 17-month low – here’s how that compares to other countries

South Africa’s Covid-19 infection rate has reached a low last seen in May 2020, before the first wave hit.

Table Mountain has been named Africa’s leading tourist attraction – for the 3rd year in a row

Table Mountain has retained its top spot as Africa’s leading tourist attraction, with the next challenge being world domination.

You could get these Joburg apartment blocks cheap – complete with illegal tenants

Apartment blocks in downtown Johannesburg can be picked up for a bargain at auction. But getting the illegal tenants to pay – or leave – is not an easy task.

The US has now detected the new Delta-related coronavirus variant that has the UK worried

The AY.4.2 variant is a new sub-lineage of Delta. The CDC says "there is no evidence" that it is more transmissible, or that it could evade vaccines.

"Our main task now is to protect the lives of citizens and, as far as possible, minimize the spread of Covid-19 infections," Putin said.

Mocked iPhone screenshots of the former president's social media platform closely resembled Twitter's current interface.

"Zuckistan," "The Facebook," and "Three Facebooks in a Trench Coat" are some of the ideas that Twitter users have come up with.

Musk tweeted after footage appeared to show a Tesla Cybertruck prototype with side mirrors. When he unveiled the vehicle, it had no side mirrors.

Bolsonaro's recommended charges of genocide and mass homicide are being replaced with "epidemic that resulted in death," CNN Brasil said.

The viral Fashion Nova waist-shrinking dress, which has amassed millions of views on TikTok, has sold out in the past few days.