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  • A new video by St. Marianna University School of Medicine and Japan's NHK broadcaster shows just how easy it is to spread germs using nothing but fluorescent paint and a buffet.
  • In the video, one person puts fluorescent paint on their hand - which is undetectable under regular lighting - and is told to enjoy a buffet spread with nine other people.
  • But once the lights go off and a blacklight is turned one it's clear the fluorescent paint has spread all over the buffet, showing just how quickly germs can spread.
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A new video shows just how easy it is to spread germs using nothing but fluorescent paint and a buffet spread.

In the video, produced by a team at St. Marianna University School of Medicine in Kawasaki, Japan, and the broadcasting company NHK, 1o people were told they were going to enjoy a lunch buffet, with a catch.

One person rubbed fluorescent paint into their hands, to mimic germs one might get from coughing on their hand, Metro UK reported.

The group then went about the buffet as they normally would.

But at the end of the meal, the overhead lights were turned off, and a UV light was flipped on.

Immediately, they could see paint glowing all over the room - on the person who'd been given the paint, and their silverware, but also on other participants' hands, faces, plates, and cutlery.

The video quickly spread around the internet as a reminder of just how quickly germs can spread even among smaller groups of people, just as countries, cities, and states are tentatively considering lifting lockdown rules to allow small gatherings.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging people to wash their hands and disinfect surfaces, as it is the best way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds or longer. Any less time will make your hand-washing less effective and is not guaranteed to kills all germs. If you have trouble keeping track of time, singing the 'Happy Birthday' song twice or the chorus of "Juicy" by Doja Cat is about the same length.

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