President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday evening. Photo: GCIS
  • Government has gazetted a raft of new regulations on Sunday evening.
  • The new lockdown rules include a ban on alcohol, and a curfew. 
  • Strict penalties have also been introduced to enforce mask-wearing.
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On Sunday evening, a raft of new government regulations was gazetted following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address to the nation.

Here are all the new lockdown rules:

Mask crackdown: Jail-time or fines for store or property owners

The wearing of a cloth face mask, a homemade item - and now also including “another appropriate item, that covers the nose and mouth” - remains mandatory for every person when in a public place.

But the new regulations determine that property and store owners, as well as all employers and  school principals will face six months and/or fines if they allow mask-free people on their premises. Taxi operators will face the same penalties if they don't enforce mask-wearing.

Mask-free exercise

Those who do “vigorous exercise” in a public place – and stay at least three metres away from any other person – won’t have to wear a mask. But this will be subject to directions on what sort of exercise is considered to be vigorous, by the ministry of health.


You are confined to your home from 21:00 until 04:00 daily, except where you have a permit to work, or attending to a security or medical emergency.

Public parks will be open for exercise

Parks – but not beaches – will be open for exercising, “subject to health protocols".

New rules for taxis

For trips of 200km or more, taxis or buses may not carry more than 70% of the licensed capacity for their vehicle. On short trips, this has now increased to 100%. Taxis must have some windows open during all journeys.

Liquor sales banned - again

The sale, dispensing and distribution of liquor is again prohibited. Liquor exports are still allowed, and companies can transport alcohol from manufacturing plants to storage facilities.

You still can’t buy cigarettes – or stay over in a hotel for leisure

The local sale and export of cigarettes and tobacco products remain prohibited. Also, the new regulations make it clear that hotels and guest houses aren’t allowed to offer accommodation to leisure travellers. Self-drive day trips are the only leisure travel allowed.

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