• Apple provided a preview of the new emoji coming to the iPhone later this year.
  • The new batch of designs includes more disability-themed emoji and new foods and animals, along with other additions.
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Apple fans have a lot to look forward to later this year. Apple is set to launch its new iOS 13 smartphone software that introduces new features like Dark Mode, and the firm is widely expected to unveil a new trio of iPhones in September.

Now, iPhone enthusiasts can add new emoji to that list as well. The company on Tuesday unveiled a selection of new emoji it plans to introduce in a software update later this year. There will be 59 new designs coming to Apple's smartphones, which include more disability-themed emoji, new foods and animals, and more customisation options for the holding-hands emoji among others.

Emoji have been criticised in years past for not being diverse enough. But that's begun to change over the past several years as the Unicode Consortium continues to approve new emoji meant to more accurately represent the people using them.

Here's a look at the new emoji Apple plans to debut later this year.

The new version of the holding-hand emoji will let users choose any combination of skin tone and gender. Apple says there are 75 total combinations available.

When it comes to new emoji meant to represent people living with disabilities, Apple is adding a new guide-dog emoji, an emoji showing an ear with a hearing aid, and prosthetic limbs and wheelchair emoji among others.

The company said it proposed these new disability-themed emoji to the Unicode Consortium last year.

New animals like skunks and sloths are also coming later this year.

Butter, garlic, and falafel are among the new food emoji coming to the iPhone.

There will also be new emoji to represent pastimes and hobbies like flying kites and playing the banjo.

Other miscellaneous additions include a yawning face and a safety vest often worn by construction workers.

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