Netflix has a new cellphone-only subscription option in South Africa

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Netflix in Suid-Afrika bied baie waarde vir geld. Foto: Getty Images
  • Netflix has launched two new subscription plans in South Africa that mainly cater for smartphones and tablets, at R39 and R59 per month respectively. 
  • Both plans allow for single-screen streaming, but the extra R20 per month also gives you access via a laptop or desktop computer.
  • But you may not be able to choose between them, or get them at all.
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Netflix has launched new subscription plans in South Africa that cater specifically to mobile devices, at a price lower than its standard offer.

The new "Mobile" subscription plan is available at R39 per month – though that option seems hard to find – with a Mobile+ variant for R59 per month.

Netflix new mobile subscription
Netflix new mobile subscription

Both plans provide unlimited shows and movies, but allow users to stream on only one screen at a time.

The plain Mobile plan supports only smartphones and tablets, with a streaming resolution of up to 480p. For an extra R20, the Mobile+ plan also allows for streaming on a laptop or desktop computer.

The existing Netflix options, Basic, Standard, and Premium, are priced at R99, R139, and R169. Basic offers 720p resolution, on one screen at a time, with downloads to a single phone or tablet. Standard offers full 1080p HD on two screens simultaneously, with downloads to two mobile devices, while Premium comes with 4k Ultra HD where content is available in that format, on four devices at once, and downloads to four phones or tablets.

The mobile-screen plans have been available in markets such as India since June.

According to MyBroadband, users may or may not see the plans as available while rollout is still in a testing phase. Some are offered only Mobile+, testing by Business Insider SA showed, and others may see only the cheaper Mobile option.

Apart from Brazil, South Africans get the best Netflix deal in the world according to a recent study by the UK-based research company Comparitech, which looked at the pricing of Netflix packages in different countries, and the number and quality of series and movies available.

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South Africans, it said, have access to 5,424 titles, at a cost of 1.14% of the average South African’s income.

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