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Netflix just took a jab at DStv in a new advert — here are 4 other times companies trolled each other

Timothy Rangongo , Business Insider SA
 Jul 24, 2018, 02:05 PM
  • Netflix has just released a funny ad mocking DStv. 
  • It comes in the wake of DStv's recent criticism of Netflix in South Africa. 
  • The ad is new, but there is a rich tradition of SA companies such as Nando's and Santam trolling each other.

DStv has recently been vocal in its unhappiness with the US online-streaming group Netflix, which entered South Africa in 2016.

Multichoice, which owns DStv, contends that Netflix has an unfair advantage, as it doesn’t face the same regulations as a licensed television player in SA.

In response, Netflix has been quiet - until now.

It's new "jokes aside, no installation required" campaign features comedian heavyweight Jason Golliath as a pay TV installation technician – for Netflix.

Comedian, David Goliath as a pay TV installation technician fiddling with cables. (Netflix SA)
The ad makes fun of an archaic installation process, which involves searching for the best place for a signal, long cables and having a separate 'premium' bouquet that comes in a box (later revealed to be empty).
Pay TV installation technician offering to throw in a premium subscription that comes in a box, that turns out to be empty. (Netflix SA)
There is little doubt who the target is.

There is a rich tradition of SA companies trolling each other through commercials:

Kulula vs SAA

Kulula launched a rebranding campaign for which they dubbed themselves a very "South African Airways".
Kulula's 'the most South African airways' advert. (Youtube)
The national carrier was not too pleased and went as far as filing an urgent complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority.

Nando's vs Santam

Santam first rolled out this ad featuring Sir Ben Kingsely.
Nando's couldn't help but spoof the Santam ad.

Santam then fired back at Nando's with yet another Sir Ben Kingsely ad.

There are also plenty of international examples, including this ad - which was not released in circulation - from 2013.

Pepsi vs Coke

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