'Yoh, that’s awkward': Nando’s makes fun of Pick n Pay’s chicken advert

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  • Nando’s made fun of a Pick n Pay advert which gave its chicken a new name on Twitter.
  • Nando’s response on Twitter was retweeted 2,900 times, while Pick n Pay’s tweet was only recirculated 127 times.
  • Responses from Twitter users also made it clear who won this twar..
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Chicken chain Nando’s – known for its cheeky advertising – recorded a resounding twar win against rather more staid supermarket group Pick n Pay this week, after PnP advertised its "great" chicken.

In response to Pick n Pay’s new advert that uses the isiZulu and isiXhosa word for chicken, Nando's simply called it "awkward". 

The Nando's dig was retweeted more than 2,900 times and liked 5,300 times – while the Pick n Pay's original advert was retweeted only 127 times and liked 550 times. 

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Pick n Pay last week launched a new line of chicken it referred to as "iNkukhu" in a video on Twitter. 

Inkukhu means chicken in isiXhosa and isiZulu. 

The 30-second advert starts with two men eating chicken. One man said, “if it’s this tasty, we call it Inkukhu.” 

A series of scenes with chicken being cooked follows with people saying “this inkukhu is ready” and “this inkukhu is so tasty”. 

“It’s not just chicken, it’s inkukhu,” the tagline of the advert ends with. 

In response to the advert on Monday, Nando’s - known for their peri-peri chicken - retweeted it with the comment: “Yuh, kwaze kwa'awks.”

That roughly translates to: “Yoh, that’s awkward.” 

Twitter users praised Nando’s for its sharp response. 

@Levincey said whoever is behind the grammy deserves a Grammy. 

@reggyworldwide called Nando’s response “spicy like your hot sauce”. 

“The best advertising team ever,” @ZibiPumeza said. 

Pick n Pay's half-hearted attempt at a comeback also fell flat.

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