MTN prepaid users can get 1GB free data a month – and the catch only comes in month four

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Air Mobile
  • Afrihost's new Air Mobile unit is offering 1GB of free mobile data every month – and it really is free until month four.
  • Even then, it's not a bad deal, as long as you need at least 2GB of data every month.
  • You need an MTN prepaid account, a credit card (or trust in debit orders), and the Afrihost app to claim the free data.
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Air Mobile Prepaid, a new brand from ISP Afrihost, is offering 1GB of free mobile data a month as an introductory offer – and the catch only kicks in after three months.

Air Mobile uses the MTN network, so to sign up as a customer (and claim the free data) you must either be an MTN prepaid customer already, or must port to MTN. 

You also need a credit card or you must set up a debit order to pay Afrihost, and you must download the Afrihost app to manage your account. But those are the only major hoops to jump through in order to claim the 1GB per month, which you can then even transfer to other Afrihost clients, the company tells Business Insider South Africa.

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The catch, such as it is, kicks in when you hit month four. From then onwards the 1GB free per month is available only if you spend at least R69 buying mobile data from Air Mobile every month.

At its current prices, R69 will buy you 1GB of data – which means your "free" data translates into paying R34.50 per gig for a minimum of 2GB of data per month.

That is still an extremely attractive price, in a market where data-only player Rain claims the lowest standard data rate of R50 per gigabyte.

Air Mobile data is good for 60 days from purchase.

Details of the offer, and signup, are available at the Air Mobile home page.

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