#RIPFreeTwitter (Twitter)
  • Free Twitter on MTN will be terminated at midnight on Tuesday, 25 September – after four years.
  • Two months ago MTN stressed its commitment to keeping Twitter data zero-rated, when it capped daily usage due to what it said was abuse.
  • It now says high cost and the demands placed on its network is why it is ending the free ride.

In July MTN stressed that it was committed to providing Twitter for free to its users.

But when the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday, 25 September, that four-year free ride will end, MTN announced on the weekend.

Just two months ago MTN said it believed "that Twitter, as source of news, information and social updates, should be kept widely accessible".

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"We want to keep bringing our customers closer to news, current affairs, family, friends and topical interests, and MTN's Free Twitter service helps make that happen," it said in July.

At the time it implemented a daily cap on the free data available to browse Twitter.

But this week it said a trend towards video and images meant it was no longer feasible to zero-rate that Twitter data.

MTN would not tell Business Insider South Africa how much the free Twitter service costs it, but said the demands on its network from 13 million users had grown too great. Between them those users consume 1.9 million gigabytes of data per month, MTN says.

MTN users were more than a little disgruntled at the news. Here are some of their best responses to the news – via Twitter.

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