• Motorola's new P30 smartphone is getting roasted online for looking almost exactly like the iPhone X.
  • It's not the only phone that sports a strikingly similar look as Apple's flagship phone, but it's the latest example of an amusing trend. 
  • Here's a quiz to see if you can tell the two apart. 

Motorola's newly-announced phone is making the rounds on the internet, but probably not for the reason it hoped. 

The phone, the Motorola P30, looks strikingly similar to Apple's iPhone X. In fact, they look almost exactly the same, minus a few minor differences. 

Read: People are roasting Motorola's new phone for looking like an exact copy of the iPhone X

Here's a short quiz to see if you can tell the two apart — we'll give you the answers at the end. 

(1) Which phone does this notch belong to?

(2) How about this one?

If you can't tell at first, you're not alone. 

(3) Which phone sports this dual-lens camera?

(4) What about this one? 

(5) Here's the two side by side. Still not sure? 


We've cropped out any identifying features, like logos, in the above image. 

Still stumped? Here are the answers:

(1) Motorola P30

(2) iPhone X

(3) iPhone X

(4) Motorola P30

(5) Motorola P30 (left), iPhone X (right) 

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