Reddit user Udzu likes visualisations, and sometimes flags: say flags with weapons on them, or flags with tirskelions 

This week Udzu combined those two loves, creating a competition of sorts – which South Africa won. To the extent that anyone won anything.

Courtesy of Udzu.

That visualisation was created by pulling all the flags of 193 United Nations members and two permanent observer states from Wikipedia, and breaking them down to the intentionally limited palette of colours used in heraldry, Udzu tells us. Once the extent of each colour in each flag is calculated, those can be added together by continent to determine the continent's dominant colours, and that can be mapped back to individual flags to see which is closest.

For Africa, the South African flag's colours and extent of each colour is the closest to the continent's average.

There are other ways of calculating representativity, of course. Luckily it turns out South Africa still has the most representative flag on Africa, when the colours of the individual flags are weighted by country area, and even when the flags are weighted by population.

In the three days since it was first posted to the r/dataisbeautiful, the visualisation has been upvoted nearly 17,000 times – with a fair amount of love for the South African flag in the comments.

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