This was the most ordered meal on Valentine's Day, according to Mr D Food

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(Facebook, Mr D Food)
(Facebook, Mr D Food)
  • Hamburgers were the most-ordered meal on Mr D Food on Valentine’s Day. 
  • However, in Joburg, Indian food was the most popular
  • Men tipped more on Mr D Food on Valentines 2019. In 2018, women were the biggest tippers.

Hamburgers were the most ordered meal on Valentine’s Day across the country, according to Mr D Food.

There were however big difference between the top meals in the big metros. 

In Johannesburg, Indian food was the most-ordered option. In Cape Town, healthy meals were the most popular and in Durban it was pizza. 

Mr D Food CEO Devin Sinclair said Valentine’s Day has become one of their company's biggest days, with orders up 150% compared to last year.

He said over 3,500 customers used Mr D Food for the first time on Thursday.

“It’s always fascinating to see what food trends emerge on big occasions like Valentine’s Day,” Sinclair said in a statement.

“The growth in orders and new sign-ups clearly indicates an upsurge in couples getting food delivered and staying in for their romantic rendezvous.”

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Interestingly, Sinclair said men tipped more on Valentine's Day this year - in 2018, women were the biggest tippers. 

Johannesburg consumers also spent more per order than the rest of South Africa. The most expensive order on Valentine’s Day was R3,171.50 - 40% more than the most expensive order in 2018.

In total, Mr D Food drivers covered the same distance as driving around the world three times to deliver all the meals on Valentine’s Day.

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