• Online job aggregator Adzuna created a list of the most in-demand skills in South Africa right now. 
  • Financial management, accounting and recruiting remained top of the list.  
  • But 65% of the rarest skills are in the tech industry.  
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Financial managers, accountants and recruiters are among the most in-demand jobs in South Africa, with average annual salaries around R500,000 a year.

Online job aggregator Adzuna recently analysed the number of job titles available online, comparing it with the unique skillset required. 

Adzuna South Africa country manager Jesse Green said while there has been a slight reduction in the demand for IT-related skills, the shortage remains high and supply is scarce. 

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He said science, technology, engineering and mathematics (stem) skills provide the best opportunities for job stability and average salaries in South Africa. 

Green said the most in-demand jobs in South Africa at the beginning of 2020, with average salary per annum, are: 

  1. Financial Manager - R533,347

  2. Accountant - R430,563

  3. Recruiter - R410,926

  4. PHP Developer - R434,652

  5. Java Developer - R569,669

Green said 65% of the rarest skills within the country still fall under the tech industry umbrella. Other industries that have a greater demand than skill supply include managerial and financial fields. 

Aside from the most in-demand jobs in the country, Adzuna also made a list of the highest-paid average salary per job at the beginning of 2020.  Their results with annual average salaries were: 

  1. Surveyor - R 583,242

  2. Mechanical engineer - R579,950

  3. Java developer - R 569,669

  4. Software engineer - R561,925

  5. Engineer - R561,064

  6. IT manager - R546,876

  7. Technologist - R544,017

  8. Pharmacist - R543,187

  9. Financial manager - R533,347

  10. Analyst - R518,638

Green said compared to 2019, the average salary for java developers declined by 3%.

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