These are now the most expensive private day schools in SA

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Kearsney College (instagram,
Kearsney College (instagram,
  • South Africa’s most expensive private 'day schools’ (excluding boarding-only schools) are charging pupils more than R130,000 in 2020.
  • Their school fees are increasing above inflation, in some cases by over R13,000. 
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The most expensive private day schools (excluding boarding-only schools) in South Africa will be charging parents more than R130,000 in school fees in 2020 - with increases well above R10,000.

Business Insider South Africa compared matriculant school fees of the most expensive schools in the country, and found that the schools will be increasing fees by an average of 6%. 

This despite the official inflation rate standing at 3.6% in November 2019 and anticipated economic growth of a low 0.7% for last year.

Kearsney College in Durban remains the most expensive private school in South Africa, excluding boarding only schools, charging R190,740.00 per year. Kearsney increased its school fees by R12,100, or almost 7%, in 2020. 

A typical engineering degree at the University of Witwatersrand costs roughly R55,000 a year.

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Johannesburg-based St John’s College is the second most expensive school in the country, charging parents R167 658 in 2020 - R10,822 more than in 2019. 

In a letter to parents in September, St Alban's College in Pretoria said its increase of R9,750 was necessary to recruit and retain the most proficient staff. 

* This article has been updated to include Clifton High School and Crawford College Sandton which was originally omitted from the list in error. The list also now reflects the correct fee for St Stithian’s.