fresh fuerte avocado harvested
Fresh Fuerte avocados. (Image: Getty)
  • A prominent South African avocado producer has planted cultivars that come into season at different times of the year.
  • This means that South African consumers can now find more varietals of the fruit at any time of the year.
  • South Africa's avocado market is traditionally dominated by the Hass and Fuerte varietals.
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Lovers of avocados can now find the fruit on South African shelves all year round, thanks to 10 new varietals launched by one of the country's leading producers, ZZ2.

The South African avocado market has primarily been dominated by the dark-skinned Hass and Hass-type and the green-skinned Fuerte avocados.

According to the South African Avocado Growers' Association, 80% of avocado trees produced in South African nurseries are the dark-skinned Hass and Hass-type. The rest of the 20% is made up mainly of the Fuerte.

Avocados have been growing in popularity the world over, and South Africa has not been left behind. Over the years, the demand for year-round availability of the fruit has been on the rise, resulting in growing demand from other regions.

Now ZZ2 Afrikado has launched its Harmony avocados in the country, which will see a range of locally grown avocados available all year round. This will ease much of the logistical and cost pressures associated with importing avocados from foreign markets.  

"While South African consumers are mostly familiar with the Hass and Fuerte varietals of avocado, ZZ2 is now releasing ten other varietals so that consumers may buy locally grown produce while it is in season," said ZZ2.

The company has planted trees at various altitudes, which come into season at different times. 

These are the avocado types available for in-season consumption in South Africa currently.

  • Maluma Hass
  • Lamb Hass
  • Fuerte
  • Pinkerton
  • Ettinger
  • Ryan
  • Galil
  • Edranol
  • Itzamna
  • Simmonds

ZZ2's lower altitude orchards come into production in early March, while the higher altitude orchards produce until late December. Its nursery has the capacity to deliver 300,000 trees per annum.

Typically, the South African avocado season extends from February to November, and the majority of the fruit is picked from March to September.

Although South Africa has about 800 hectares of new plantings annually, the country still cannot meet the growing demand for avocados. At the start of the year, South Africa had to source its avocados from Tanzania.

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