Latest Sightings.

Video of two monitor lizards snatching newly laid crocodile eggs has been released by popular wildlife website Latest Sightings.

With their incredibly strong jaws and vice-like grip, the lizards are excellent hunters and will eat anything from eggs to fish – as well as small mammals and other reptiles. They are known for working together to raid a crocodile nests, with one distracting the mother while the the other is snatching the eggs.

The footage was captured by Colin Pretorius, while he was having breakfast at the La Fera Restaurant at Ngwenya Lodge on the Crocodile River, bordering the Kruger National Park.

Watch the video here:

“We were having breakfast when we spotted a crocodile laying her eggs in the soft white sand for all to see," said Pretorius.

The crocodile them moved a short distance away.

“We then noticed one monitor lizard coming into frame, from behind the crocodile, attempting to sneak closer, to steal her eggs. After the one monitor lizard was chased off some distance away from the eggs, a second one showed up with the same goal – to steal the eggs,” says Pretorius.

“The crocodile tried to chase the lizards away for some time, but the monitors prevailed and got what they came for...”

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