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You can now transfer your Vitality rewards to Multiply - here's how else Momentum wants to attract clients

James de Villiers , Business Insider SA
 May 24, 2019, 07:23 AM
(Facebook, Multiply)
(Facebook, Multiply)
  • Discovery Vitality clients can get their matching reward level at Momentum Multiply until the end of June. 
  • This will allow them to immediately start earning rewards at a higher reward level.
  • Multiply will also give the difference back if consumers pay more in monthly fees than the benefits they receive. 
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Until the end of June, Discovery Vitality members can get their matching reward level status at Momentum Multiply when they move over, Johan Klue, Momentum Multiply Executive Head, said. 

If a member is, for example, is on the silver reward level on Vitality, they will be able to become a gold member on Multiply. 

Both Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply are reward programmes designed to give consumers incentives to live healthier lives. 

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The more goals consumers achieve on the programme, such as doing exercise, buying healthy food or going for screenings, the higher reward level they’ll achieve which gives them access to additional benefits. 

Klue said the matching reward-level scheme allows consumers to immediately start earning higher reward level rewards which include benefits such as 25% off gym memberships, and 12% back on Pick n Pay food spend.

Klue says Multiply has also launched a money back guarantee where it will give the difference back if consumers pay more in monthly fees than the value of the benefits they receive. 

“This is intended to overcome the most common objection we face from prospective clients, being that Multiply looks great but they are not sure if they will get value from the programme,” Klue told Business Insider South Africa. 

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At R238 a month, Multiply is cheaper by R21 than Discovery Vitality, but Discovery Vitality offers higher savings at Virgin Active and Planet Fitness, and at Pick n Pay. 

Klue said 43% of Momentum Multiply members are considered active, compared to the national average of 21%. 

He said Multiply members’ claims are 2.5% cheaper than non-members, and that they are 25% less likely to claim on chronic benefit, and expected to live 17 years longer than the average population. 

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