A mom mistakenly got a cake for her 2-year-old daughter's birthday that said 'Happy Birthday Loser': 'It was pretty funny'

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Is it a happy birthday?
  • Last September, Melinda Jones was preparing for her daughter Elizabeth's birthday party.
  • She went to her local Walmart to pick up a cake, which she wanted to say, "Happy Birthday Lizard."
  • However, the bakery employee misheard her and the cake said "Happy Birthday Loser."
  • Their daughter, who they also call Liz, had no idea because she can't read yet, but the mishap resulted in an adorable and sad picture.
  • Jones told INSIDER that it was a funny mishap that they quickly corrected with a new cake in time for the party.
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Last September, Melinda Jones of Bonne Terre, Missouri, headed to Walmart to pick up a few items the day before her daughter Elizabeth's 2nd birthday party.

"I hadn't gotten anything for her party yet, so we quickly went to Walmart and picked up a pre-made cake, the kind that's on display," Jones told INSIDER. "I asked the lady behind the counter if she would write 'Happy Birthday Lizard.'"

Lizard is a nickname for their 2-year-old, who they also call Liz, Jones explained. She said that she and her husband came up with the idea after seeing a meme.

After getting the cake, she left the store without taking a look at it because she was short on time. When she got home, she realised that she didn't exactly get what she asked for. In red, looping script, cake said, "Happy Birthday Loser."

"At first I was almost speechless," she said. "I didn't know what to think. After the shock wore off, it was pretty funny."

She said her daughter can't read and didn't know what was on the cake. In a Facebook post last month, Jones wrote that Liz doesn't know what it means to be a loser.

She took a picture of Liz and the cake to send to her husband at just the right moment. "Liz just happened to be looking at the cake like that when I took the picture," Jones said.

Jones shared the mishap in a group called Sad Sales, Stolen Goods, and Sketchy Services Museum and Hall of Shame, which as the name suggests is for, things "that have gone wrong," Jones explained. She later posted the picture to her own profile, prompting it to go viral. Now there are even $15 (R208) enamel pins commemorating the cake.

But she says that Liz has no idea about her online fame. One day, she says she will tell her daughter about what happened the day before her 2nd birthday party.

"I plan on telling her the story one day that mom was in too much of a hurry to look at a cake and she ended up with a 'loser' birthday cake," she said.

Jones told INSIDER that correcting the situation was really just ... a piece of cake.

"I ended up going back a few hours later in the evening," she said. "I didn't bring it to anyone's attention because I didn't want the lady to get in trouble because it was an honest mistake and I'm certainly just as guilty. So I just purchased another cake and this time I just had them write, 'Happy Birthday Elizabeth' on it."

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