• Best friends stick together.
  • Just ask Waffles the mini-horse and Hemingway the goose.
  • The pair were rescued from a farm together - along with a dozen ducks and two peacocks.
  • Now they're up for adoption - but only as a package deal.
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Good news: There's a mini-horse up for adoption in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Even better news (depending on how you look at it): He can only be adopted with his best friend, a goose.

Waffles the mini-horse and Hemingway the goose were rescued, along with two peacocks and twelve ducks, from an area farm. Now they're boarding together at the Bucks County SPCA, according to WFMZ.

SPCA workers say the two have become inseparable and must be adopted together.

They became especially close after Waffles came down with an infection. Hemingway, Linda Reider with the Bucks County SPCA told WFMZ, made it a habit of comforting the six-year-old mini-pony through his illness.

"When we go to give medicines or injections, Hemingway would get in between and say, 'I'm sorry that's my buddy the horse. He doesn't want a shot today,'" she told the outlet.

The honking, neighing pair aren't up for adoption yet - but interested parties can check out the Bucks County SPCA website for updates.

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