Mike’s Kitchen will also give you a free coffee on Wednesday – but there’s a small catch

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Mike's Kitchen
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    • The list of free things you can get for voting in the national and provincial election on Wednesday is growing.
    • On Monday morning steakhouse chain Mike's Kitchen announced it will give away free coffee for those who show a thumb marked with indelible ink.
    • But the Mike's offer requires a purchase – and you'll have to spend just under R30 to claim it.
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    On Wednesday, 8 May, anyone who shows up at one of its restaurants with a marked thumb will be eligible for a free cup of coffee, steakhouse chain Mike's Kitchen announced on Monday.

    But there's a catch: the offer is only good in conjunction with a meal, so you'll have to spend slightly more than the price of the coffee in order to get one.

    To be exact, the cost of the "free" coffee will come to R29 – which Mike's says is it's cheapest meal option – while Mike's charges R22 for an Americano.

    Wimpy is also offering a free cup of coffee on voting day, for showing a thumb marked with the indelible ink intended to prevent double-voting – but has not said that it will require a purchase.

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    Meanwhile e-hailing company Uber is offering a R50 discount for rides to and from polling stations while they are open.

    Mike's Kitchen has 16 stores around South Africa.

    In a statement the chain said it wished to support South Africa, and its citizens, on voting day.

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