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  • Microsoft unveiled its new Surface Hub 2S "interactive whiteboard" on Wednesday.
  • It's essentially a Windows 10 PC built into a 50-inch TV with a touchscreen.
  • It costs $9,000 – some R126,000 – and will be available in June, but other accessories like a battery pack and mobile cart that lets you cart the Surface Hub 2S around an office don't currently have a price tag or release date.
  • Microsoft also announced an 85-inch model of the Surface Hub 2, which doesn't have a price tag yet, but Microsoft expects its release in 2020.
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Microsoft unveiled on Wednesday the Surface Hub 2S, a $9,000 (around R126,000) 50-inch touchscreen TV with a computer inside that runs on Windows 10.

Running on Windows 10, the Surface Hub 2S can run the wide variety of Microsoft's suite of software and services, including Microsoft Office 365. It's essentially a Windows computer inside a TV format with a touchscreen that can be used with Microsoft's Surface Pen stylus.

It's designed for "collaboration" and an office work style where everyone gathers around it to be creative. Because it can be battery powered with an additional accessory, teams can roll it around anywhere around their office space.

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The Surface Hub 2S is designed to be wheeled around an office space on a separately-sold cart designed by Steelcase called the "Roam," which so far doesn't have a price tag or release date. A battery designed to power the Surface Hub 2S made by APC can also fit into the Steelcase Roam cart, but there's no pricing or availability to speak of yet.

The Surface Hub 2S will be available in June.

The company also unveiled an 85-inch model of its existing Surface Hub 2, larger than the original model. There's no price tag yet for the 85-inch Surface Hub 2, but the company says it'll be available in 2020.

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